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Chess Rush for Android is one of the completely new card strategy games , released by the world’s leading game developer Tencent . This is a unique turn-based strategy game with 10-minute matches and classic gameplay.

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Auto Battler has become the most popular new game genre at the moment. The combination of strategy and randomness of Auto Battler has attracted not only card game enthusiasts but also strategy game fans. And Chess Rush is the latest game in this category.

Tencent confirmed that Chess Rush will be available on both iOS and Android devices this week. The game will be fully optimized for mobile devices with servers across multiple regions to better connect the community of players, as well as help to experience stable and smoother matches.

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Regarding gameplay, Chess Rush for Android not only has a Classic mode, Turbo mode (newly designed so that players can finish the battle in just 10 minutes), but also a Co-op mode, which helps the players. Team members enjoy the battle together. Chess Rush also supports Social and Multiplayer functions. Players can team up with friends in Co-op mode to have a chance to win the final.

Chess Rush for Android has more than 50 heroes available for you to choose. Building the ultimate squad is a real challenge in the game, players also need to decide carefully when it’s the right time to use each general. If you want to experience tactical depth, combine three of the same heroes to activate the Affinity Bonuses, allowing the warrior to bring powerful items into the battlefield.

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Reasonable tactics are the key to winning, but luck also plays an important role in Chess Rush ! Build your elite squad from an army of over 50 heroes and compete with 7 other players in the online arena. Be the last survivor and become the King of the Board.

Are you ready for the tactical battles in Chess Rush ?

Outstanding features of the game Chess Rush for Android

Smooth and stable control

Login immediately. Experience a stable and smooth automatic chess game in Chess Rush for Android .

Dramatic 10-minute match

You can’t spend 40 minutes on an online match? Try the new Turbo mode of Chess Rush , each game in the game lasts only 10 minutes but still brings an extremely dramatic atmosphere and excitement. Start competing with other players now.

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Do not pay to buy victory

In Chess Rush , money cannot be won. Strategy wise and a little luck are the most important factors. Enjoy the fun in the fascinating classic Auto Battler mode!

Eliminate your enemies with reasonable tactics

With over 50 heroes and 8×8 battlefield, create elite squads and deploy heroes wisely. Power up your army by combining 3 similar heroes to level up, activate the Affinity Bonuses feature and equip them with powerful items.

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8 players, only 1 winner

Defeat 7 other players in dramatic matches to win. Are you confident you will become the new king of Chess Rush ?

Social games have no boundaries

Invite your best friends to join the Chess Rush game and start exciting matches in Co-op 2v2 mode. Compete with groups of players from around the world.

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Rich rewards

Sign up now to play Chess Rush Android to get epic skins. Dozens of rewards in both the game world and the real world are waiting for you.

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