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ChefU is a virtual reality cooking game – a completely new and vivid cooking experience for future chefs. ChefU is now available on Steam .

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Exclusively designed for VR glasses, ChefU leads players into the dream kitchen without having to clean or wash the towering piles of dishes after each meal. Your task is simply to cook, train skills and talent with over 60 items available.

Welcome to the kitchen of ChefU for Windows . Food such as a miracle will automatically appear and the dishes do not need to be washed. You can freely do everything in Chef U. More than 60 ingredients and utensils ready to satisfy your passion, be it cooking your favorite food, trying new recipes or simply playing with foods to relieve stress!

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The main feature of the game ChefU VR

  • Take photos of every recipe you create and share it on social media to let people know you’re a very promising future chef.
  • With 3 game modes, you can split the race against time in Timed Mode, spend a week in a restaurant with Story Mode or simply mess around in the kitchen and explore comfortably in Free Mode.
  • Use the mixer, blender and many other tools found in the kitchen to be ready to create new recipes.
  • Use your skills to compete with global chefs to see who makes the best recipes. Race against time and see if you can make a dish in less than 5 minutes like a true chef?
  • Cook world-famous dishes and tell what styles you want to challenge yourself with?
  • Find hidden objects in the kitchen and try to combine them together in new dishes.

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There are many cooking games for computers, but virtual reality cooking games like ChefU are a special case. Players will use the head and gestures to manipulate like a real chef. The Virtual Reality environment creates a lifelike kitchen, cooking utensils and ingredients appear as real as life. This is a great experience if you own VR glasses and love to cook in the modern kitchen!

Loc Nguyen

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