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Cheat Engine, or CE for short, is a software that supports changing game parameters. Cheat Engine 7.0 is the latest version, pretty much upgraded compared to the previous Cheat Engine . Cheat Engine allows gamers to easily change game parameters offline such as HP blood stats, scores, coins, diamonds, turns … In addition, Cheat Engine can also speed up the game to help game Level up fast.

Download Cheat Engine 7.0 for Windows 1 Download and install Cheat Engine for PC to change gaming parameters

In essence, Cheat Engine is a software that allows scanning open source memory / editor / hex debugger … created by Eric Heijnen for Windows operating system ( according to Wikipedia ). However, many gamers now know and use it to change gaming parameters.

Cheat Engine is a very useful software for gamers, helping them quickly achieve high achievements to “show off” to other players. The latest version of Cheat Engine 6.8 adds many more preeminent features than Cheat Engine 6.7, Cheat Engine 6.5 and Cheat Engine 6.4. If you’re using a Mac, you can download Cheat Engine for Mac right now.

The main features of Cheat Engine

  • Ability to penetrate the memory of the game to change the parameters and game index.
  • Cheat Engine supports efficient gaming.
  • Change the speed parameters to get the highest speed when playing games.
  • Do not affect the operation of RAM.
  • The process changes quickly, no errors.
  • Cheat Engine is safe software, does not contain any harmful agents to the computer.
  • Simple interface, easy to use.

Change values in offline games with Cheat Engine

  • Edit : change the value
  • Deepfreeze : freezing values – so that the fixed value does not change
  • Value only increased
  • Value is reduced only

Download Cheat Engine 7.0 for Windows 2 Download Cheat Engine – application supports playing games, hacking games for free

With Cheat Engine , gamers will make the game easier depending on their preferences (for example, try playing a game only up to 1 HP, you can increase to 100 HP), in addition Cheat Engine 6.7 also has other useful tools to help troubleshoot faulty games and play games normally.

Cheat Engine can interfere with the memory of the offline game where you need to change the data, moreover, the hex will be memory so it will hack the Game online.

Video tutorial to use Cheat Engine with game KingDom Rush

To use Cheat Engine , users need certain skills and knowledge. In addition, another advantage of the application is the added speed hack function for the game … Cheat Engine runs on the Windows Task Manager , the ability to find extremely fast parameters without affecting RAM.

Recently, the Cheat Engine gaming software has been updated to version 6.8. This version adds new Lua features, improves the graphical user interface (GUI), scans the code page, fixes many bugs, and has many other changes and additions. Besides, the Russian and Chinese translations have been updated.

Latest Cheat Engine updates

Cheat Engine 7.0

Addition and change

  • Many new icons.
  • Add a way to analyze and display the function of a function using a diagram.
  • Automatically repeat the scan option with constant value.
  • Additional Lua formula scan.
  • Move the first / saved file comparison in Scan type to checkbox.
  • Add a scanner that can detect and undo memory changes in the target processing code (patch scanner in tool in memview).
  • The guide now has links to online help for each step.
  • Add toolbars to switch levels when debugging.
  • When the memory recorder cannot be activated, you can right-click on it and see the cause of the error.
  • AutoAssembler will now reduce the use of nop – the command is disabled.
  • Better bug reports in autoassembler script.
  • DBVM can now dynamically adjust TSC. This action can be disabled if it causes performance errors with dbvm_setTSCAdjust (disable).
  • Speedhack now also anchors to gettickcount64.
  • Additional dw ‘utf16string’ support.
  • Improve VPID support in DBVM (increase performance).
  • kernelmode-> driverlist now displays driver output.
  • The kernelmode icons now appear in enum dll’s and export.
  • Change how to handle icon lookup slowly.
  • Minor update to codecave scanner and hexview search window.
  • Using pdb load delayed teachers because of waiting for it.
  • Implement DPI Aware on more windows.
  • Add option to display the process as a decimal in the related list.
  • When you press Shift + Space instead of Space to follow the instructions, you will now open a new memview window.
  • Added *: undefined support for drop down lists.
  • Add the init.lua file for the translation used.
  • Stackview now displays all icons names.
  • Some additional windows will now save their locations.
  • The exe training tool builder now allows users to change default files.
  • The conditions for changing orders are easier to understand.
  • Ultimap2 can now save file tracer and scan kernelmode memory.
  • Create groups after selecting items.
  • Smartedit can now also intelligently edit small details.
  • Now users can select the type of breakpoint without having to go to settings. Once selected, it will become the default Toggle break point type until another change is made.
  • The floating point screen will now be on the main screen.
  • The click operation in the Lua engine has now been changed, focusing on the editing field.
  • Debugger interface settings will now lock only after successful attachment.
  • Improve some translations.
  • Display the DBVM changeregonbp in the CE interface.
  • Now users can customize the search list color.
  • Improve hidden performance of DBVM when more than 20 regions are covered.
  • Completing DBVM based on behavioral observation and “find what addresses this code accesses”
  • Complete the breakpoint of DBVN.
  • Improve the autocomplete feature so that it doesn’t delete the old code anymore.
  • Add hotkey to ultimap2.


  • Fix BSOD errors in latest Windows update.
  • Fixed a bug where VEH did not handle breakpoints when creating / destroying streams at the breakpoint.
  • Fix stacktrace bug in 64-bit targets.
  • Fix many other errors.

New features at lua:

compareMemory encodeFunctionEx enableKernelSymbols waitForExports waitForDotNet waitForPDB waitforsymbols searchPDBWhileLoading duplicateHandle getScreenDPI extendedToByteTable byteTableToExtended executeCodeLocalEx executeMethod allocateSharedMemoryLocal (un) registerCreateCallback (un) registerFirstShowCallback (un) registerCreateCallback dbk_usePhysicalMemoryAccess dbk_setSaferPhysicalMemoryScanning dbk_readPhysicalMemory dbk_writePhysicalMemory dbvm_addMemory dbvm_removechangeregonbp dbvm_speedhack_setSpeed dbvm_setTSCAdjust

Cheat Engine 6.8.3


  • Hotkey patches.
  • Error flashing image on some high quality DPI screens.
  • VEH debugger working again.
  • Pointerscan resumes operations.
  • Stackview can now be displayed as a reference.
  • Uninstall the imul command.
  • Change the speed while selecting the Down key.
  • Concatenate the values x * 2/4/8
  • The “resume thread” in the thread list now resumes streams instead of “freezing” them.
  • Fix popup errors when editing registers without a debugger attached.
  • getNameFromAddress will not display user identification icons when turning them off.

Addition and change

  • Spend time waiting to load all icons.
  • Opening the comparison structure from analytical data now only takes 1 address.
  • The code completion in the engine is now smoother.
  • Now users can compare traces created by tracer.
  • The stream list window now copies a copy to the clipboard.
  • Comparing structure now goes deeper into the points.
  • Pointerscan import / export now works with newer models.
  • Support Lua comment better.
  • Adding basic classification feature to the structure comparison window (based on width only).
  • The reference string now also shows if it is unicode.
  • Formdesigner now has a context menu for adding free controls.


  • Add enumMemoryRegions.
  • Add getWriteLog.
  • HexadecimalView: Add OnCharacterRender and OnValueRender events.

Cheat Engine 6.8.2

  • Disassembler
    • Fix some separators with one or too many commas.
    • Fix description error containing ret #.
    • Fix address correction when there is a breakpoint while refining the guide.
  • Assembler: Fix reg * 2/4/8 + unquotedsymbol assembly error.
  • Plugin: Fix SDK error for C plugin, using disassembler callback.
  • Shortcut: Fix hotkey attachment error on background.
  • Memory scan
    • Fix percentage scan error.
    • Correct rare cases that can cause errors.
    • Simple values work hours with group scan operation.
  • Memory Scan Lua: Now the user can delete the scan file if the memory scans the free object before the scan completes.
  • Fill Memory: Now allows 64-bit address.
  • Struture Dissect: Fixed the “change type” popup menu error so that it affected all selected items instead of just the first time.
  • PointerOrPointee window: Fixes the debug pointer or text displayed in the point window button when using access instead of writing.
  • GUI
    • Correct errors and restore DPI options in settings.
    • Fix some DPI errors.
    • Graphical Memory Viewer: Corrects DPI errors.
  • Symbolhandler: When waiting for the symbolhandler to complete, the software will not wait for structural analysis.

Addition and change

  • Lua Engine: Add auto-complete feature.
  • DLL internal injection: When the DLL internal process fails, CE tries to use the required methods again.
  • Assembler: Add multi-byte NOP.
  • Plugin: The plugin can now have associated dlls in its own directory (Windows 7 with updates and above).
  • Debugging: Adding a code filter, which allows you to filter them based on actions that have or haven’t been performed.
  • Disassembler: Comments now display multiple parameters.
  • Pointerscan: Adds the option to allow negative offset scanning and adding the displayed types.
  • Advanced / CodeList Options: Now use icon names.
  • Game instructions: Add an option to skip a level when you process steps and add a second scan.
  • Memory comparison: Adds the limit of the number of address values displayed in a row (subject to change).
  • Address list: When the child ban option is turned on, it will be turned off first.
  • Memory Scan: Add a lua script in autorun, allowing you to select the scanning module.


  • ExecuteCodeEx (allows you to run code in target and pass parameters).
  • Add 2 new parameters to getNameFromAddress (ModuleNames and Symbols).
  • Add addModule and deleteModule to the icon list class.
  • Adding ModuleLoader class can force dll download.
  • Fix endUpdate error in list viewer.

Cheat Engine 6.8.1

Fix most of the bugs in version 6.8 and have a few small additions


  • Fix some structural comparison errors.
  • Fix common scanner error to select register for comparison.
  • Fix hotkey speedhack error
  • Fix ultimap error 1
  • Fix a series of random access errors
  • Fixing a series of errors Lua dissectCode.getStringReferences now returns a string
  • Fix a breakpoint for a specific function
  • Fix Lua toAddress when the second parameter is an address
  • Error correction xmm, m32
  • Fix AVX instruction errors
  • Right-click r8-r9 in the register window
  • Fix plugin system error for DBVM
  • Fix memory location error when the size is smaller than 4KB

Addition and change

  • Additional translation strings for all types of settings.
  • Now drop the file into the set automatically
  • The command auto assembler (allocnx) and allocxo
  • Hexadecimalview memory view window now displays allocationbase, users can double click on it
  • Additional support for mono dll’s does not output g_free
  • Slightly improved DBVM speed

Update Cheat Engine could not run

Some malware blocks Cheat Engine exe files (such as losing files, checking file names …). If you are unfortunately the victim, try the following tool to fix the installation for Windows:

Cheat Engine 6.7


  • Resolve a number of DPI related issues that arise at some point in time
  • Fix the error of not scanning all (ALL)
  • Simple values are now applied to the All type
  • Fixed an issue where the 0-terminator could not be added to the string while the option was set to add this
  • Fix ultimap shortcuts
  • Fix ultimap2 filter
  • Changing the pointer in the address editing section will not set or overwrite memrec or address anymore (now saved on the computer).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the symbol display feature to not work for some arbitrary categories (custom types)
  • Solve many problems related to Structure Spider
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 64-bit register in Tracer to be garbled when double-clicking and repaired r8 to r15
  • Fix the copy or paste feature in the scan value
  • Fixed Kernelmode QueryMemoryRegions mode for Windows Build 1607 operating system version
  • Fix some separate errors
  • Fixed a bug with full access to the Lua command
  • Fix text-to-speech errors if launched from a Thread
  • Fix the error of clicking on the check boxes when the DPI index
  • Fix the size of the code table found
  • Handling Cheat Engine separately when this software crashes or exits unexpectedly

Add and change:

  • Change the handling list and add an application view interface similar to Task Manager
  • There is a slight change in the wording in the first step of the tutorial
  • Additional features RLE compression (thanks to mgr.inz.player) and some other things to improve file size
  • If you set a name, that name will also be displayed in the header.
  • Icon processing can now handle complex cursor annotations
  • Added support for ToPA systems for ultimap2
  • Add some time saved in memory history (memoryview)
  • Many memory logs that come with auto assembler can now execute code asynchronously (right-click and select “Execute asynchronous”).
  • Write or read memory in Kernelmode mode is now more secure
  • Added option to filter out readable paths while rescuing the cursor
  • Add support for code page (codePage)
  • Add font / display options to multiple locations in the CE
  • Add find / replace feature in script editors
  • Now you can delete the addresses and reset the count from the “Find what addresses this code accesses” button.
  • Add status page to Hexview in memoryview
  • The Pointerscan feature for value scanning now adds results to the Overflow queue
  • Opening a file and changing the byte parameters no longer cause the file to change (now you need to save it yourself)
  • Add an option to the process list to filter out system processes
  • Add a system that allows table registration (which may include a list of addresses or pointers to help find new addresses) so that users know whether or not to trust the table.
  • Memory saving drop-down lists can now refer to other things. Use the following entry text format: (memoryrecorddescription)
  • Added an option to notify users about new versions of Cheat Engine

Change in Lua programming language:

  • Custom types can now be referenced from Lua
  • Automated assembly parts Lua now has access to “memrec” which is a memory record that is executed. This value may be zero
  • stringToMD5String now supports strings with 0 bytes
  • autoAssemble () now also returns the disableInfo object as the second argument. You can use this command to disable the script.
  • Add Action and Value properties to the MemoryRecordHotkey objects
  • Add screenToClient and clientToScreen to Control objects
  • Add readSmallInteger and writeSmallInteger
  • Add enableDRM ()
  • Add openFileAsProcess / saveOpenedFile
  • Add saveCurrentStateAsDesign to CEForm objects
  • Add disableWithoutExecute and disableAllWithoutExecute
  • Add OnCustomDraw * events to the list
  • Add being / endUpdate to the Strings class
  • Additional support for SQL
  • Add color override feature to separate text
  • Add OnPaint to the CustomControl class
  • Add autoAssembleCheck to test syntax for an AA script
  • Fixed a bug causing the address list to return 0 results for PopupMenu (while popupMenu is working properly)
  • More option of timeout for pipes
  • Additional some graphic options
  • Add a few low-level system features

Cheat Engine 6.7 interface of the software changes the game parameters on the computer

Download Cheat Engine for free – the software integrates an intelligent memory scanning system, which quickly scans many parameters used in the game and allows you to change them freely, in combination with the error correction, splitting, grafting, speed hacking, live 3D operations, system monitoring tools and many others.

Some players also combine Cheat Engine and Kemulator to interfere with Symbrian mobile games. And if you want to enjoy games on the Android operating system, download BlueStacks App Player to experience cult titles on the Android platform. After installing the game, you can freely play Android games on your computer and change the gaming parameters thanks to Cheat Engine .

For users who have just downloaded Cheat Engine for the first time, you can refer to the instructions provided with Cheat Engine in the list of programs after installation, at least install to step 5 to get a basic concept of Cheat Engine. Cheat Engine game hacking software.

Review application support Cheat Engine gaming

Despite being a gaming software, Cheat Engine is a little difficult to use, especially for those who have little experience with games, programs and systems. The graphical interface of Cheat Engine is simple, relatively easy to understand, but the values shown on it are not understandable by everyone.


  • Compact size (under 10MB), the installation process is quite simple.
  • Compatible with many versions of Windows (from Windows XP to Windows 8).
  • There is a Help section – the instructions are fairly complete.


  • Only works with games that store data locally.

Summary,   Cheat Engine is a powerful tool to support offline gaming on the computer, helping gamers easily master the game, to show off their achievements to other players!

Official Download link:

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