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Join the spectacular battle in the strategy game Champion Strike for Android . Take control of your champion and defeat your opponents with excellent tactics they cannot predict!

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Champion Strike is an exciting new online strategy game from developer Two Hands Games. In the game, you have the task of combining warriors with units, spells and other support cards to create an army of their own. This is a global scale real-time strategy game where you use your deck to clash with other players in 1v1 battles in the Arena!

Deploy cards and summon units to engage in epic battles, while controlling your champion to intervene and create countless logical strategies. Never take your eyes off your opponent’s warriors – observe their moves and fight back quickly! In this fierce battle, The Offense is the best form of defense. You will have to constantly attack, otherwise the enemy will take the opportunity to counterattack! Trust your strategy! Now, as a talented commander, take control of your invincible warrior and create an unforgettable battle in Champion Strike for Android !

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Build a deck of cards and control your champion in Champion Strike for Android

Experience dramatic battles with over 50 unique cards from the mysterious world of Champion Strike Android , including Cat Archers, Dwarf, Dark Wizard, Meteor Golem, Gladiators and Gryphon! Start experiencing a new fighting style by choosing the champion you want!

Download Champion Strike game for Android

Champion Strike for Android is an attractive strategy game inspired by Clash Royale , where you can control a hero in the battlefield – the same character will become your secret weapon.

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Collect and upgrade your cards in the game Champion Strike for Android

The gameplay in Champion Strike is quite simple: the player’s goal is to use battle units (represented by cards) and upgrade them to destroy the opponent’s two towers. The first player to destroy 2 towers will win the round. But keep in mind – one of the most important elements of the game is your champion. You can move him around the battlefield at will. Be careful though, because if this warrior is defeated, you won’t be able to use him for about 15 seconds.

Like any other card game genre, gamers can customize their decks between battles. In addition, you will receive new cards from treasure chests and level up for combat units to improve their LP (Life Point), speed and attack skills. And of course, the higher the card numbers, the stronger your army will be.

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Join an epic tournament with gamers from around the world in Champion Strike Android

Outstanding features of the game Champion Strike for Android

  • Join real-time battles with players from around the world.
  • Win medals by winning! You can level up slowly through rounds and challenge the Master League.
  • Complete daily quests, open different chests to collect cards and rewards like gold, rubies, …
  • Collect cards and gold to upgrade your champion and deck.
  • Analyze battle diagrams to come up with more effective strategies.
  • Watch the best battles on the Hot Clip and learn about enemy tactics.
  • Build an invincible army by comparing cards during practice.
  • Set up or join a party to exchange tokens and become part of the Champion Strike community.
  • Receive valuable rewards from various activities such as cheering on guild members or participating in a Guild Race.
  • Guild members can happily fight each other in friendly matches.

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Game Champion Strike Android has a spectacular graphics system and impressive skill effects

In short, Champion Strike Android is a great real-time strategy game, combined with some unique elements inspired by Clash Royale to bring you a simple but no less interesting gaming experience. . The visual system in the game is also great, this is also a big plus of Champion Strike .

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