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Catch The Mouse Jerry is a funny game with a collection of interesting little games, all of which have a common goal of finding the white mouse and catching it to complete the level.

The main character in the game is the yellow cat and the white mouse, as an irrevocable fate, the mouse is always hiding from the cat, and the cat is looking for ways to catch the mouse. Join the game you will play the yellow cat, playing mini games that make the right mouse appear and catch it.

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Free Game interface Catch The Mouse Jerry

The main feature of the game catch the mouse Catch The Mouse Jerry

  • Play lots of interesting games
  • Find and catch the mouse hiding
  • Overcoming 24 levels of fun but also many challenges
  • Play the game completely free

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Many small games for entertainment in the game Catch The Mouse Jerry

Playing Catch The Mouse Jerry on the computer you will use mostly mice, starting from level one extremely simple. Just click on the mouse to catch it and complete the screen.

Not completely a puzzle game “brain hack”, Catch The Mouse Jerry has a lot of small games like puzzles, test reflexes, test the focus of the player. For example, the mouse will hide under a series of paper boxes, but there are levels where you have to find a way to remove the boxes by arranging them in order from big to small, sometimes having to pull it up quickly for the mouse. Revealed and click the mouse to complete the level. Sometimes you will have to control the plane, fly through the narrow slot to get to the position of the mouse.

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Control the aircraft through 10 narrow slots to catch the mouse

The level of excellence of each level depends on the time you complete that level. On the gaming interface, in the upper left corner you will see 3 yellow stars, yellow will decrease over time in proportion to the number of stars will receive.

The game is completely free to download and play, it does not even contain any ads that affect your gaming process.

Catch The Mouse Jerry is suitable for relaxing in a short period of time, with many levels and many games you will not get bored even playing with cats and mice.

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