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Cardboard for Android is the application used with Google Cardboard virtual reality glasses that allows users to experience virtual reality right on the phone. Cardboard runs on devices with OS 4.1 and up and is free to use.

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Google Cardboard is a virtual reality headset designed by Google to be used with mobile phones to give users a virtual reality experience right on their smartphone . However, this device requires you to install an app called Cardboard and is currently available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms. After placing the phone in the corresponding virtual reality glasses, Cardboard will split the screen in two equal parts, then project the image corresponding to the view coming from each eye and 2 lenses on Google Cardboard with The appropriate focal length and convergence will merge the image from two eyes into one uniform 3D image.

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Key features of Cardboard virtual reality application for Android

  • Travel to all places on Earth with Google Earth .
  • Discover a tour of Versailles with local guides.
  • Watch videos on devices with large screens.
  • Discover cultural artifacts from every angle.
  • Panoramic view for wide-angle photos you have taken.
  • Adventure to the Arctic with terns, create your own flower garden, relax with the light of the North and more.

Important note : Users should not use virtual reality glasses while driving, walking or being scattered by the outside.


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