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Want more people gossiping about your photos on Instagram ? Caption Plus for Android will help users get more likes, followers and shares on Instagram by providing the most appropriate captions to insert into your photos.

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CaptionPlus for Android is a photo caption utility application with a diverse caption collection


With a variety of filters and categories, users will never have to search for the best caption for their photos on social networks Instagram and Facebook . All you have to do is open the Caption Plus app, choose your favorite caption and make your Instagram post a topic that people talk about.

You wonder how some people can attract thousands of Instagram followers and likes, and you want your photo to be similar? So users need to come up with more premium captions and get people caught up in their posts. With Caption Plus for Android , it can be done with just a few touches.

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CaptionPlus has more than 20 different topics so users can choose the most suitable caption

In addition to using CaptionPlus to attract more likes and followers on Instagram, Facebook, users can also create an Influencer-style social profile. Just select a comment to post with your post and that’s it! Users will have more likes, shares and followers. In addition, you can also share your interesting collection of annotations and become famous within your group.

With easy search, users can always find an appropriate Instagram quote for each photo. CaptionPlus has caption management feature so that users can always find captions that suit all the content and emotions you want to express. It can be a stream of states bearing the theme of love, friendship, happiness, sadness, heartache, … and many other emotional states. Moreover, CaptionPlus Android also has the ability to filter captions based on gender, such as girls and boys, and soon has a caption mode for transgender people.

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The App uses the AI feature to make the most perfect caption choices

Some popular categories in CaptionPlus application for Android

  • Friendship
  • Mood
  • Fashion
  • Couple
  • Success
  • Fitness
  • Smile
  • nature
  • Humor
  • Love
  • Life
  • Selfie photos
  • Christmas
  • Holiday season
  • … and more.

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Just tap once to copy, paste and save captions

Salient features of CaptionPlus application for Android

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Comprehensive search feature.
  • Find comments by: Category / Tag / Gender / Emotions.
  • Filter caption by: Newest / Popular.
  • Other features: Copy, Share, Favorites.

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