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Why post boring stories on Instagram when you can use Capshun to create the best captions? Start using the Capshun app and become the talker of your “deep” comments.

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Capshun photo caption app for Android is now available on both Google Play and App Store

They say a perfect picture is worth 1,000 compliments. We say that a perfect picture with a great caption line is worth 1,000 likes. Have you ever read a comment that you overwhelmed social Instagram or Facebook yet? Have you ever wondered how people can always find “super cool” captions for every photo?

Now all of your questions have been answered! Developer Capshun Digital Private has just launched the Capshun photo annotation application for Android , a solution for the needs of owning “deep” captions.

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Capshun for Android owns more than 10,000 carefully selected captions

With just one touch, users will discover Capshun ‘s Caption library with more than 10,000 carefully selected captions dedicated to Instagram photos and stories. But that’s not all, the app also provides a Hashtags catalog to make sure your post is popular.

Quote? Play on words? Funny sayings? Capshun Android will provide it all. In addition, the application will suggest captions for photos based on your previous selections. Every story needs a great ending and every story on Instagram or Snapchat also needs a great note.

Have you just posted a new photo on Whatsapp and want to have a proper status line that accurately describes your photo? Have you just posted a new post on Pinterest or Tumblr and are looking for an inspirational title? Capshun for Android will not let you down.

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Users can share their favorite captions directly to friends and relatives

Salient features of Capshun application for Android

  • Over 10,000 captions to ensure users’ photos always have perfect status lines.
  • Updated database 24/7.
  • Create caption based on artificial intelligence algorithm.
  • Hashtag suggestions to optimize your reach.
  • Is completely free application.
  • No annoying ads.
  • Just one touch to copy captions.

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Many new captions are updated regularly

How to use Capshun application for Android

After downloading the Capshun app, you only need to perform 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose photo.
  2. When you have selected the caption, click the Copy icon to copy the caption.
  3. Share captions directly using the Share feature.

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