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Candy’s Restaurant for Android is a cute simulation game for kids. In this cooking game , he will replace Candy to manage a crowded restaurant and make every customer satisfied.

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Our sweet Candy Chef has just opened a restaurant in town and attracts a lot of diners to eat. Although no Michelin star has been received yet, this place has won the hearts of diners and has a good reputation for its good food and thoughtful service. However, lately, Candy feels a little overwhelmed by the increasing number of guests, making it impossible for her alone to serve customers on time. Candy is really need the help of a talented chef to have time to rest.

Candy has seen the passion of cooking in his eyes, so does he think he can take on that role? She really wants to show off her cooking skills, but is she afraid she might cause a mess, or be afraid of hot stoves and sharp knives? Peace of mind! In Candy’s Restaurant , the kids can cook freely without having to worry about the prospect. Certainly, the baby will feel happier when hand-processing great food and entertaining guests with a hearty feast.

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Not only that, Candy’s Restaurant for Android also offers loads of fun activities for kids to explore. Great experience not only lies in the cooking, but also in decorating the restaurant and cleaning the kitchen. Even changing clothes for Candy will bring great joy!

Running a restaurant is not an easy job, but Candy believes he can certainly do well. In Candy’s Restaurant game , cooking is no longer a mandatory task, but a joy!

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How to play the game Candy’s Restaurant for Android

Open Candy’s Restaurant Android and enter the beautifully decorated restaurant lobby. The customers are already waiting here, please take the order by touching the guest to check the food information, including photos and steps. With carefully selected ingredients and a variety of kitchen utensils, your baby can easily make a great delicious dish. Don’t forget to taste it before serving it to your guests!

As you know, every chef has their own signature dish, similarly, every restaurant has secret recipes to keep diners. In Candy’s Restaurant game, there are 5 secret recipes waiting to be discovered. Interesting is not it?

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For a chef, there’s no place like the restaurant, so Candy wants to renovate this place more than anyone else. Now, that wish is about to come true! Every time a dish is finished, your baby will be given a heart, use them in exchange for cute and beautiful decorations for Candy’s restaurant!

You know, keeping the kitchen clean and tidy is also a very important job. Let’s start cleaning right away!

Oh no, the lovely Candy chef is feeling sad because she doesn’t have time to rest and has to wear an all day long outfit. Why doesn’t she help Candy choose a variety of cute outfits to go on holiday?

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Salient features of the game Candy’s Restaurant for Android

  • 10 delicious dishes with great flavors for baby processing.
  • 50 secret recipes are waiting to be discovered.
  • Choose for Candy cute clothes to show your baby’s great aesthetic.
  • Enter the world of colorful cuisine.
  • Collect hearts to renovate and upgrade Candy’s restaurant.

Enter the journey to become a master chef in the game Candy’s Restaurant now!

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Candy’s Restaurant for Android is a free downloadable application for babies. However, some additional items in the game need to be purchased with real money to unlock. Therefore, if the user does not want to use these items, please disable in-app purchases at the device’s settings.

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