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Enjoying sweets is always a great way to get rid of sadness. Come to Chef Candy ‘s cute Candy’s Cake Shop and enjoy sweet desserts!

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No delicacy is as good as a dish made by yourself. Babies do not know what to baked? Candy’s Cake Shop for Android will offer a wide variety of options! From cakes, macaroon cakes to fruit tarts and roll cakes, this is a paradise for foodies and enthusiasts.

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The baby’s job is very simple. Just choose your favorite ingredients and mix well. Next, pour the mixture into the mold and put in the oven. After the cake is done, sprinkle on the nuggets of rice, catch the ice cream and decorate this sweet dessert. It sounds very easy and interesting, right? Roll up your baby’s sleeves and start baking now!

Download Candy's Cake Shop for Android .APK 2

Salient features of the game Candy’s Cake Shop for Android

  • 6 types of pastries to satisfy your baby’s taste: Game Candy’s Cake Shop Android offers a variety of attractive pastries, promising to make little children “salivate” and melt their hearts.
  • Many diverse formulas, providing endless inspiration or inspiration for children to make unique cakes.
  • Upgrade Candy’s store and turn it into a unique place: Use your baby’s heart in exchange for new decorative items and baking tools for the kitchen.
  • A beautiful poster will create great buzz for the store: Design a great poster to attract more customers.
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Step on the journey to become a master of baking in the simulation game Candy’s Cake Shop for Android right now!

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Candy’s Cake Shop for Android is a free application for babies . However, some additional items in the game need to be purchased with real money to unlock. Therefore, if the user does not want to use these items, please disable in-app purchases at the device’s settings.

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