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Get creative with the phone camera – combining effects and photo frames directly in the camera. Optimize and edit your best photos and share them with friends on social networks Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. Add something to your photos by presenting them as slideshows with your favorite music. Camera MX for Android is completely free. Users can unlock the effect pack with more creative possibilities for just $ 0.99 (£ 0.79): amazing effects (HDR, TiltShift & Little Planet), eye-catching photo frames and overlay effects and functionality trim videos to keep only the best parts.

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Camera MX for Android can:

Take photos and record videos:

  • More than 20 photo effects can be customized in real time: Vintage Lomo, Color Splash, Pop Art, Black & White, Sepia , …
  • Combine photo effects, interface and borders while taking photos.
  • Shoot great videos (no length restrictions).
  • Take great selfies using the self-timer for the front and rear cameras.
  • Never miss taking a photo thanks to the Quickstart icon.

Edit photos and videos:

  • A comprehensive photo studio: Photo editing with Auto optimization, brightness, contrast, saturation, rotation, white balance , …
  • Express photos in the form of animated slideshows with background music.

Organize and share:

  • Share edited photos on Facebook , Flickr and Twitter .
  • Display photos on a map using GPS data.
  • Full overview of photos and albums.
  • Compatible from Android 2.2 Froyo and above.
  • Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Turkish.

Get more from the photos

With Camera MX for Android, the photos will look just like what you want. Combine effects directly in the camera and take great photos, in which users can optimize and share on online albums or on social networking sites – you can even show off Your photos are slideshows on your smartphone. It’s free.

Adjust the picture according to what you want

Camera MX allows you to combine effects, borders and in real time, users can also customize them. The QuickLaunch feature is perfect for taking snapshots – you’re always ready, all the time. Or, users can also record a video. All classic features like zoom , flash and self-timer are supported.

Get the best of photos and videos

Camera MX for Android owns all the most important tools to get the perfect picture: contrast, saturation, brightness, white balance and cropping , …. Just click on the screen, the user can view the picture. What does my photo look like before editing and even more awesome to see my product later. The photos have never looked so great. Besides, you can also make your videos more sharp by trimming them and keeping only the best parts.

Organize and share videos and photos

With the Camera MX app, you can organize your photos and videos perfectly. Using GPS information, users will pin the map exactly where they took the picture. Share your photos easily by posting content to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr with one click. Or, go to the Online Album with 500 MB of storage. If you want to do something with your photos, you can create slideshows with 3D transitions and dynamic effects – setting your favorite sound.

Newly updated Camera MX for Android Camera:

  • Fixes leading to upside down images when using the front camera.
  • Fixes when editing photos.
  • Improve the performance of the multimedia manager for devices with lots of image / video files.
  • A few small patches in the camera.

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