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Camera 365 Plus is the perfect photography app, helping you become a professional photographer in a flash. The capture software included with this image processing is strongly compatible with Android 2.3 and above devices and is free to use.

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Camera 365 Plus is especially for those who:

  • Not a photographer but want to be a professional photographer. Camera 365 Plus helps you develop talent right now.
  • Limited appearance. Camera 365 Plus makes you beautiful with shiny skin, angelic face and more.
  • Love miracles. Camera 365 Plus helps you create 365 degree virtual photos the way you like them.
  • Favorites the motion. Camera 365 Plus helps you create GIFs and photos with sound without any difficulty.

And there is much more to the needs that Camera 365 Plus can meet.

Camera 365 Plus helps users to produce beautiful photos with a variety of shooting modes, effects and filtered photos. In particular, this application works in landscape mode so optimizes the experience when used with tablets, helping users to create images with wide angle and do not miss any details.

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The main feature of Camera 365 Plus for Android

Shooting modes supported

  • Take photos with eye-catching effects.
  • Take selfies with clear lines and shiny skin.
  • Snapshot mode.
  • Tilt-Shift shooting mode to bring out the desired image area.
  • Funny photography mode.
  • Shooting mode changes the color of an image.
  • Shooting mode with audio attached.
  • Animated GIF mode.

The photo effects support:

  • Enhance to enhance the color and sharpness of the image.
  • Magic Skin to make skin more beautiful.
  • Lomo to increase Vignetting effect for photos.
  • Light Color to increase the sweetness and gentleness of the character in the image.
  • Retro – photo effect reminiscent of the past.
  • HDR changes the brightness and details for the photo.
  • There are also some effects like Colorful, Filter Color, Dreamlike, Ghost, Black & White, Sketch and Old Time.

Camera 365 Plus has a fairly user-friendly interface with most of the shooting features displayed at the top of the screen. After the image is taken, the application will also immediately transfer the image to the editing screen so it is very convenient for users. In the settings, Camera 365 Plus also allows you to customize the settings for Camera, image and capture operations as you like.

However, Camera 365 Plus also has undeniable points such as the horizontal screen interface will be very difficult to manipulate for smartphones with limited screens and appear quite a lot of ads in the application. Users can disable it in the device’s settings. If you ignore these limitations, you will find Camera 365 Plus is a really interesting application.

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