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Call of Duty: Mobile is the latest action blockbuster of the popular first-person shooter series Call on Duty, produced by Chinese developer Tencent. The game is now available on Android operating systems.

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Perform heart-pounding, passionate action scenes in Call of Duty: Mobile anywhere, anytime! Play your way in a variety of dramatic modes while playing live battles on the most beloved maps of gamers like Natuown and Crash, all optimized for mobile devices!

Team up with friends and play your way using UAV Recon drones or Missile missiles, or freely customize your own weapons when participating in player-to-player battles. other.

Download game Call of Duty: Mobile for Android

Completely different from the previous mobile strategy game version, Call of Duty: Mobile will let gamers experience pure FPS style. Players can move freely and shoot like in a real PC game with a variety of gun systems and soldier classes such as Machine Gun, Sniper or Raid.

The game also allows combining the best maps, characters, weapons and equipment from the Call of Duty universe. Fight on iconic multiplayer maps, experience your favorite game mode and try to be the best in the world of Call of Duty: Mobile !

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Salient features of the game Call of Duty: Mobile for Android

Experience the iconic game modes of the Call of Duty series

Call of Duty: Mobile for Android is an online multiplayer shooter. In the game, you’ll play on a number of classic maps and modes from the Call of Duty brand, including Call of Duty: Black Ops and the original Modern Warfare series. Multiplayer is just one of the most popular modes. In the near future, stay tuned for updates on additional game modes.

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Rush into the life-and-death arena full of Call of Duty

Enjoy Call of Duty: Mobile – one of the best mobile FPS games available today – to experience outstanding graphics and the smoothest shooting game.

The game now has Battle Royale mode – a unique mode in the Call of Duty universe, built and designed specifically for Call of Duty: Mobile Android . Fight on diverse maps in a fierce and epic battle to become the only survivor! Compete against 100 opponents in Solo, Duo or Quad Team modes. Control a variety of vehicles, including ATVs, helicopters, four-wheel vehicles, rafts, … to move faster on diverse terrains – ground, sea, air.

Many diverse game modes

Play your way in Call of Duty: Mobile for Android . Build a 5-man squad in Deathmatch mode and revive as often as possible, loot your enemies to survive in Battle Royale mode, or participate in defense or attack planning in S&D mode ( Bomb).

Freedom to customize equipment

When playing Call of Duty: Mobile , gamers will have the right to unlock icon characters, weapons, costumes, and many different items from the Call of Duty universe. All of them can be customized to your liking.

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Rank by team

Use your skills to rise to the top of the competitive ranking mode, or win clan prizes when teaming up with friends.

Dominate the battle with the Scorestreak system

When eliminating a series of enemies at once, you activate a special system called Scorestreak – giving you access to a powerful new arsenal and receiving an incredible battle experience to apply and the battle. .

The game is optimized for mobile devices

Call of Duty: Mobile Android is a free game! Experience the first-person shooter gameplay of Call of Duty right on your mobile phone with excellent graphics and gameplay. Certainly this FTS game will bring many great entertainment moments for fans of shooters.

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  • Call of Duty: Mobile needs a stable Internet connection to play.
  • The game contains social features that let you connect and play with your friends, integrating push notifications to let you know interesting events or new content happening in the game. You can optionally enable or disable these features in the settings.
  • Developer does not guarantee the availability of in-game features and may modify or discontinue services without prior notice.

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