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ByWiFi Video Downloader is a free program for downloading, transcoding and speeding up videos. It supports downloading, transcoding and speeding up videos from movie-watching websites, such as YouTube , Dailymotion , Metacafe , MySpace , Yahoo, etc. Many advanced networking technologies such as P2SP (peer-to-server-and-peer), multiple tasks, sensitive web, and intelligent caching are used in the software. The BitRate of streaming video is 3-5 times faster with Bywifi than without it. Moreover, it can transcode video to mobile format for mobile phones and PDAs.

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The main feature of Bywifi

  • Speed up P2P Video Streaming: With P2SP (peer-to-server-and-peer), it speeds up downloading of video streaming. Its better algorithms have accelerated video downloads by more than 3-5 times.
  • Download Video: With automatic flash stream detection, video content on websites can be downloaded easily and for free.
  • Video transcoding: Videos can be transcoded into multiple formats that support any mobile phone and PDA, such as Nokia, iPhone, SamSung, iPad, iPod, and PSP. (Never used).
  • Resume Video Automatically: For these videos, it does not require buffering again when you close the Web browser.
  • Hot Video Search: You can search for videos with Bywifi. It is easy for you to watch your favorite videos.

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