Download Bullet Strike: Sniper for Android .APK

Bullet Strike: Sniper is the most epic 3D multiplayer shooting game currently developed by Horus Entertainment. Brings the experience of real-time PvP shooting extremely interesting right on everyone’s mobile phone.

Download Bullet Strike: Sniper for Android .APK 1
Download Bullet Strike: Sniper – The hottest sniper shooter on mobile.

Each match has a maximum of 20 players in the form of solo, your task is to defeat all enemies to become the last survivor, the maximum time for each match is 10 minutes. The more you play the map, the narrower it will be to find enemies. Bullet Strike: Sniper supports both Android and iOS platforms.

To win the matches of this sniper game, the player’s task is to find all enemies in the sniper arena. Be it remote, mobile or hiding targets. You can even unlock new types of sniper rifles and armor to increase your combat power.

Bullet Strike: Sniper is the perfect choice for you to practice your sniper skills, as well as know how to use the sniper rifle to become a real sniper assassin.

New feature in Bullet Strike version: Sniper

  • Updated PVE & Quest mode.
  • Updated Solo – Mutiplayer.
  • Update new weapons.
  • Update task.
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Duo & Squad mode.
  • Play with friends.

Download Bullet Strike: Sniper for Android .APK 2

The main feature of the game Bullet Strike: Sniper for Android

Character system

Bullet Strike: Sniper brings up to 8 characters, divided into 2 sexes male and female. Each gender has 4 different costumes, corresponding to 1 default outfit and 3 fashion sets.

Download Bullet Strike: Sniper for Android .APK 3

Weapon system

Weapon systems in the game are quite diverse, but extremely familiar to Vietnamese gamers such as: M16, AWM, AKM Guns … Besides, there are many attractive accessories, for players to install more for his gun.

Download Bullet Strike: Sniper for Android .APK 4


With the worldwide ranking system, players will be honored on a global scale. Ranking positions are selected based on 3 criteria: Solo, Team and Clan.

With a fighting style of action, shooting combined with quite interesting survival, Bullet Strike: Sniper is worth players to experience, especially when there is no condition to play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on the computer.

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