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BTS is dominating the world of music and now they are also gradually stirring up the mobile gaming world! The K-pop phenomenon is preparing to launch a mobile role-playing game called BTS World for Android to connect and interact more with fans. Your task in the game is to become the manager of BTS, help these talented boys have an impressive debut and become a global superstar.

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If you could go back to 2012 and relive your life from that point on, what would you do? Prevent yourself from making serious mistakes? Invest money in a hot field in the future? Make wise decisions? Or instead, do you want to become the new manager of the most popular boy group in the world today? For those who are excited about the last option, especially ARMYs, BTS World may be the game you will love!

BTS World , developed by Korean gaming company Netmarble in conjunction with the K-pop phenomenon Bangtan Boys, is a story-based simulation game that takes you on a career-building journey with the BTS members. . The game will take players back to the past in 2012 just when the group is about to debut. As the manager of BTS, your ultimate goal is to make the group a global superstar.

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BTS World for Android will give players the opportunity to manage the world’s leading boy group from the very first days of its debut. In the game, players will have to perform many different activities, select a certain number of BTS member cards to pass the task and level up. Collect and upgrade these cards to open up more stories.

BTS World can be played as a visual novel, the missions in the game are also quite diverse, such as finding boys a suitable dorm to live in. This is not an easy task as each team member has different interests.

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Bangtan Boys really took their love for fans to a whole new level with the game BTS World . In addition to challenging missions, players can also watch dozens of exclusive video clips that have never been published, along with nearly 10,000 brand-new photos and soundtracks composed by BTS boys themselves. The game also allows you to interact with members through the 1: 1 interactive system.

Is this the beginning of your management career and help BTS become a global group? Can you help them make a successful debut and return to the real world? It’s time to live the craziest dream of an ARMY with the idol group management game BTS WORLD for Android !

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Bringing the members together and helping them become great artists

Salient features of the game BTS WORLD for Android

Helping BTS debut

  • Start the magical journey where you and BTS together develop, succeed and become a phenomenon.
  • Bringing the members together and helping them become great artists.

Chat and interact with BTS members

  • Countless stories, dialogues, and video calls you’ll make with the members of Bangtan Boys.
  • A lot of interesting story content will make players unable to take their eyes off the screen.
  • Develop close relationships with members. Who knows, you can even listen to BTS speak out their deepest thoughts!

Exclusive feature in BTS WORLD – BTS Member Cards

  • Collect moving pictures of BTS and watch the members chatting with you.
  • Collect and upgrade various BTS Member Cards to reveal stories and participate in exclusive interactive activities with Bangtan Boys members!

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Develop relationships with members and listen to their deepest thoughts


BTS WORLD for Android was officially launched on June 26, interested players can immediately download the game on Google Play through the Download button above.

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