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Experience Brave Conquest immediately for Android – a dramatic and engaging strategy game from the developer IGG – “father” of superhero role-playing Lords Mobile .

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If you are an experienced gamer, you have probably heard of IGG – the developer of Lords Mobile, the popular MMORPG with over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store alone . Recently, the company has just launched Brave Conquest – a funny but challenging new strategy game, in which your task is to manage a kingdom and build your own empire.

Manage the kingdom, hoard resources! Arrange, arrange the most unique and weird squad to fight the enemy! The time to ascend to the throne has come! Join the ranks of the great lord in the game Brave Conquest for Android now!

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Salient features of the game Brave Conquest for Android

Build your own kingdom

  • Become a lord of a land, you have the right to plan territories! Unlock and build works wherever you want.
  • Lack of supplies and resources? Build farms and craft workshops.
  • Focus on unlocking Barracks, Houses and Wonders, if you want to speed up the army!
  • Evolve the Guardian Dragon to defend the territory. Also, don’t forget to feed the dragon, otherwise it will burn your castle.
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An epic kingdom with tons of treasures

  • Discover lush plains, white snow hills, the highest peaks and the deepest valleys in Brave Conquest Android to find Wonders and rare treasures!
  • Join an army of goblins to explore the most remote lands in search of treasures. You never know what you’ll find in the Brave Conquest game !
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Recruit legendary heroes and armies of thousands

  • Under a powerful lord there are always talented generals! Side by side with the heroes representing justice or dozen evil. No battle is too difficult if your side is the mighty warrior!
  • Build a mighty and excellent army! Train them to be ready to face any situation in battle.
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Extreme challenge of brain weight

  • Army training has never been more exciting than in the Brave Conques empire game for Android ! But war is not so simple. Even the best soldiers cannot win alone on their own! Command and deploy your forces wisely.
  • A lord never stops challenging himself, so create miracles and become great with Brave Conquest for Android ! Embark on an unending journey to achieve greater achievements by conquering Battle Hall, Arena and Global Kingdom Wars!
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Unite and become the strongest clan in the kingdom

  • Not enough resources? Don’t worry, your allies are always ready to share.
  • Intimidated by other players? Allies will join the army to support you.
  • Interested in a party event? Invite your allies to join now!
  • And even if it all crumbles, you still have loyal allies!
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Download Brave Conquest game for Android now to immerse yourself in epic battles and protect your own empire!

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