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Bluebeard’s Castle for Mac – Escape from Bluebeard castle

Rescue your sister from Blubeard’s castle in this awesome adventure game genre! After the evil Count Blubeard decided to marry Claire, you discover that all of his previous wives have mysteriously died!

Solve complex puzzles, scour the corner of the castle, search for the items needed to rescue Clare from the hands of death and flee Bluebeard Castle.

Download Bluebeard's Castle for Mac 1

The task of the player:

– Rescuing Clarice.

– Stop the evil Earl Bluebeard.

– Escape from Bluebeard Castle.


– CPU: 800 Mhz (INTEL ONLY)

– RAM: 1024 MB

– Hard Drive: 377 MB

You can refer to how to play in the following video:

Le Tuyet

Official Download link:

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