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Block Kitty for Android is a gentle puzzle game , stress relief extremely effective. Although easy to play, Block Kitty for Android is still challenging, enough to make you excited every experience.

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Download the Block Kitty puzzle game for Android

Fill up the lovely cat face blocks to score high in Block Kitty for Android . Create combos to collect stars. Then, use them to rotate the blocks to get more interesting surprises.

Similar to other puzzle games, you need to push blocks vertically or horizontally to delete them, freeing up space for other blocks to fall. The game will end if there are no gaps in the board. Try to collect lots of stars by creating up to the same color combinations. Block Kitty for Android will bring you hours of fascinating logic puzzles. In addition, Block Kitty for Android also impressed by cute graphics and sweet pastel tones, soothing eyes.

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The main feature of the funny game Block Kitty for Android

  • Perfect family game.
  • Designed for all ages from children to adults.
  • Design the game in a minimalist style, good-looking but still eye-catching, optimized for all device screen sizes.
  • The game size is small so it installs quickly and doesn’t take up much memory.
  • Conquer the global rankings.


  • Block Kitty for Android contains ads, including banner, video, interstitial ads.
  • This Android game is free to play but you can buy IAPs to remove ads & buy stars.

Overall, Block Kitty for Android belongs to the category of simple but equally interesting puzzle games. Not only entertaining you, this puzzle game also supports IQ training suitable for all ages, especially young children. Best of all, parents can play with their children when they are free. Download and play Block Kitty for Android for free, so don’t be afraid to install it on smartphones.

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