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BitSpirit is a powerful and easy to use BitTorrent client. The program supports multi-threaded download, queuing, port-maping, NAT, proxy support, selecting files to download from multiple torrent files, caches, etc. There are also some special functions such as chatting with people who are Download other, filter IP addresses, … BitSpirit has a simple interface, easy to use, fast speed and takes little computer resources.

Download BitSpirit for Windows 1

BitSpirit is a BitTorrent client developed to help users make the most of this popular file sharing protocol. It provides excellent download speed and has an extremely user-friendly interface. Like other similar applications, BitSpirit supports downloading multiple files without interfering with other functions.

Familiar interface, easy to access

With the same interface as other BitTorrent clients, contains the basic components in the main window. Therefore, users can easily access the downloaded torrent file via the list on the left side of the screen, while the right panel provides information about the current download or upload file. It also includes a rich “Setting” menu and “Setting Wizard” to make it easier to customize the application. Thanks to that, accessing the catalogs becomes more convenient than ever.

Use proxies, set speed limits and view file information

BitSpirit offers quite a number of options. For added accuracy, it provides download file scheduling, proxy server use and communication with other servers with the help of P2P. Users can set global limits for both download and upload speeds, as well as keep an eye on pop-up values.

In addition, BitSpirit supports pause, stop, resume the entire download, view torrent information, list the processed parts, prioritize tasks, activate “Super Seed” mode, put data into in related categories (for example, anime, books, photos, privacy, music …) to edit them.

Create a torrent file, scan for viruses and set a password

BitSpirit allows you to create new torrent files, connect the TCP / IP protocol to break the Windows installation limit, close the computer when the download is complete, refresh the DHT nodes and delete all unused files with just one click.

Users can access the search feature via the menu bar, preview files while ensuring the entire program is password protected, to ensure that only authorized persons can access personal data. of the user. In addition, the utility also contains a virus scanner, capable of reloading the IPFilter.dat file and supporting two plugins, allowing users to compile peers and IP addresses.

Download BitSpirit for Windows 2
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The main feature of BitSpirit

  • Eye-catching UI, supports downloading multiple files at the same time
  • Share Torrent
  • Preview while downloading
  • Trackerless support (online DHT, v3.0.0 +)
  • Support multiple Tracker at a time
  • Drive memory
  • Continue the work quickly
  • Support file selection
  • Support UPnP, NAT Traversal
  • Encryption protocol
  • Easy to use download manager
  • Turn off the computer when the job is done
  • Support HTTP / SOCKS4 / 5 proxy
  • High speed, occupy less CPU
  • Unicode support (v3.5.0 and above)
  • Support IPv6 (v3.6.0 and above)
  • Personal Tracker support (v3.6.0 and above)
  • Magnet link support (v3.6.0 and above)

Changes in the new version of BitSpirit v3.6.0.550

  • Improvement: Reduce the amount of memory usage while running IPFilter.dat
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes BOSS Key would not work (v3.6,500 only)

Overall, BitSpirit is a great tool for downloading torrent files, taking up less memory space, operating quickly and simply that anyone can use. Please download and use BitSpirit immediately if you want to experience the speed of downloading movies, large images faster than usual.

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