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Bickshooter Egypt

Bickshooter Egypt (BE) is a game that is a mixture of tiles and Bejeweled ‘s unique style, creating a unique gameplay that makes players addicted for the first time to join.

The gameplay is very simple, the player’s task is to eliminate all the bricks that appear in the middle, by adding bricks of the same color so that they are close together, at least 3 or more bricks. However, what makes BE different is its arrangement.

Often in games of the same puzzle type, the colored balls will lie close to each other so you can move and swap them easily. But not in BE, the quest bricks will be in the middle and surrounded by brick wall. In order to destroy them, the player must “shoot” bricks of the same color from the brick wall inside to solve them.

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The first time you enter the game, you will probably find it easy, but the start screen is always just for players to launch their ability to quickly and quickly. Because BE gives you about 60 different levels with The difficulty level increases gradually so that you can freely try your “eye training” skill.

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System requirements:
Operating system:
Windows 95/98/2000 / XP / Vista
800 Mhz and above
128 Mb
32 Mb supports DirectX 8.0

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