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Bestie shimmering selfie app for Android has just had an extremely diagonal update with smart beauty features and funny stickers. Quickly download this great utility to save the best moments of the spring holidays.

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With the rapid development of mobile devices accompanied by the emergence of a series of camera applications, the use of specialized tools to support the needs of “selfie” has also developed in a separate direction. is not uncommon. Just type a few keywords on the app store, immediately you will receive dozens of suggested results such as Camera360 , Retrica , B612 , Retro Selfie or Candy Camera . And now, selfie fans have a new option, which is Bestie – a new selfie tool with a lot of significant highlights.

Latest features of Bestie selfie app for Android:

  • Additional smart eye color correction feature: Automatic eye color recognition and makes it easy to change eye color to your liking with a variety of options such as US Pupil / Contact lenses, blue eyes, black eyes, brown eyes, “eyes cat”….
  • Add more cartoon style stickers: Add spring themes with funny cartoon graphics such as New Year 2016, White Art Words Labels and Trip / Travel.
  • Photo view with editing: Easily apply effects to automatically blur background and Vignette for photos after shooting.

Video introduction selfie photography application: Bestie for Android

Bestie is developed from the Camer360 app, which is familiar to many people but it does not merely support selfie with the usual features. This tool is also built by the manufacturer with the purpose of making it the best friend of all people, turning imperfections into perfection, turning great moments into great ones. More and Bestie loves all your personalities and emotions. Simply touch and use.

Bestie highlights for Android

Preview photos in real time

Swipe the screen to adjust the authenticity of the image. Bestie gives you a natural selfie as possible and see yourself as what you have. But don’t worry, if you want to make yourself more beautiful, Bestie also supports a formula to smooth skin beyond your imagination.

Provide powerful filter

26 filter effects, 26 different personalities and emotions such as Alice is warm and energetic, Bella is charming and sweet, Chloe is smart and colorful ….. You can transform yourself according to the way you want. If you do not know how to use this feature, Bestie also provides random filtering so you can be assured of this. Please download the application to be able to experience more.

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Retouch the facial beauty in the most perfect way

Inheriting the quintessence of “brother” Camera360, Bestie allows you to retouch the face to the smallest detail: the smoothness of the skin, eyes, remove acne, highlight eye color, lips and degree facial features ….. In addition, the Blur and Vignette features also help increase the focus of the image, making your photos even more beautiful.

Taking a selfie at night is no longer an obsession

Night mode automatically reduces noise and makes the photo look as good as you want despite low light.

Mode switch camera

Shake your device to switch between the front and rear cameras, discover more creative ideas for selfies.

Share photos easily

Share your images on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and more.

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