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The terrible storm that passed over destroyed the hives, and now the hardworking bees are busy rebuilding their hives.

Join the game you will transform into a hard-working bee collecting honey, building nests, collecting bonuses …

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You will fly away to collect nectar from many flowers such as sunflowers, apples and strawberries in the woods, the faster you collect honey, the faster the honeycomb will recover.

With excellent achievements in the game you will receive a medal with the title: “best honey”, “best pollination” ….

Some key features:

– 10 beautiful places.

– 9 enemies.

– 5 queen bee.

– Great graphics.

– All free.

System requirements:

– Processor: 1 GHz or higher.

– Ram: 512 MB.

– DirectX 8.1

Tuyet Mai

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