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Good news for selfieholic, selfie app and super-beautiful photo editing app BeautyCam from ‘cool tycoon’ Fotoable has officially launched a version for Android already. Let’s take a selfie and experience it right away!

For selfie addicts, popular photography apps like FotoRus , InstaMag or InstaBeauty of Fotoable, Inc. Not too strange. If you are familiar with these photo products, now Fotoable, Inc. continues to ‘beat’ our beautiful girls with the appearance of BeautyCam, a cool app that lets you take selfies, edit super glitter photos, record videos and share them right away with friends via social networks.

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Big round eyes, V-line face or charming lips, … BeautyCam knows what you want. Let’s select the selfie key and save the most beautiful, youthful and plump images of youth through the simple, easy-to-use Selfie tool on the BeautyCam app! BeautyCam is not only a photo editor that owns many unexpected editing tools and features, but also a super-sharp selfie camera and a professional video editor to help you save memorable moments on those moments. Interesting journey in life. Possessing 4 main features: Selfie , Beauty Edit , PIP Fun and Video , BeautyCam on Android will definitely bring surprises for you.

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Key features of the BeautyCam app on Android

  1. Beautiful Selfie: The most basic feature of BeautyCam is Selfie. With so many different effects, you can freely choose the best color to capture the best picture. Do not be inferior because you are not a girl with outstanding beauty, be confident because now has BeautyCam.
  2. Beauty Edit: Do you have unwanted face imperfections? Acne, freckles or hate dark spots? Do you want to have a big round eyes full of attractive, a body with super standard round 2 or long slender legs? BeautyCam will make your all-time wish come true with just a few very simple steps. Do not believe it? Just give it a try!
  3. PIP Fun: Are you fed up with your boring style for a long time, you want to change? Coming to PIP Fun, your boring images will be much more interesting with creative frames and compositing compositions on BeautyCam.
  4. Video: Today, in addition to sharing status lines and photos, more and more people tend to like to share their experience videos on social networks. And surely you can not ignore this hot trend is not it? Let BeautyCam record the happy, happy moments in life with this professional video recorder.

Instructions for editing beautiful selfie on BeautyCam

  • Step 1: Go to the BeautyCam app on your smartphone or tablet. Then select Beauty Edit . Select any photo you want to edit in your photo album, then start the editor.
  • Step 2: Select any tools in the image editor Beauty Edit to edit photos as you like.

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You can use the tools to edit the face to look more beautiful. In addition, you can ‘transform’ the picture more funny with super cute sticker stock, insert text, adjust brightness (highlight), contrast (contrast), color image to get the whole picture most integrity. After finishing editing, you just need to select Save to save the edited image. So the picture is already in your album.

How to record videos on the BeautyCam app for Android:

  • Step 1: Go to the BeautyCam app on your smartphone or tablet. Then select the Video tool.
  • Step 2: Choose effects, adjust color and video size before recording
  • Step 3: Start clicking select video recording.

Super glitter selfie photo editing tips

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  • Choose the most appropriate face angle to enhance the contours of your face.
  • Adjust the skin color to your liking for the most natural photo.
  • Remove acne, bruises – the leading cause of lack of confidence
  • Lean your face or body if you’re not confident with your body.
  • Stretch your legs so you look taller
  • Make big eyes glitter through the BigEyes tool
  • Removing ugly puffiness makes your face look lifeless
  • Flat nose or oversized nose? So easy, got the Nose Lift and Slim Nose tools
  • Whitening your teeth to have a “deadly” smile makes the opponent fall
  • Beautiful face but lack of smile on the lips? Smile tool will make your face more radiant. Who told you not to smile?

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