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Beauty Idol is an RPG that simulates the lives of famous people quite attractive and completely free on Android devices. In the game you can become a supermodel, an actress, a rock star and live the way of beauty idols.

Surely you will not be able to take your eyes off the city and the game characters are inspired by extremely cute comics. You can also download the Beauty Idol game version for iOS by clicking on this link .

Romantic romance and love are waiting for you to discover when you live in a big city like Beauty Idol. Here, you can search and style your own from luxury, cosplay (fashion of a character), Japan, Romeo & Juliet or beautiful princess . All you need to do is touch on the screen, manipulate the tasks given by the game such as costume shopping, vocal training, dating, etc. to receive bonuses and diamonds.

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Create a style for your character from luxurious elegance to cute and lovely

Move to the city and let the world know who will be the next music idol . Showing talents in singing, dancing and modeling to be able to succeed and become a symbol in Beauty Idol. Make beautiful photos to make covers for magazines and popular lifestyle. Choose the trendy outfits or the most beautiful outfits for your character.

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Dating celebrities

When you’ve become a rising star, take care of the public and vice versa. Gather with famous girls or boys in exciting parties. Dating with celebrities, but first you need to find a perfect outfit that suits the context of the appointment. In this exciting role-playing game, there is nothing limited to a rising star and cherished by the public.

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Game Beauty Idol Japanese style comic

The main feature of the game Beauty Idol for Android

  • The game is modeled after manga and anime animation art with bright and shiny colors
  • Create a beautiful or lovely cartoon girl your way. It could be Moe (a virtual love affair between fictional characters) or Kawaii
  • Lots of cute clothes and fashion accessories for you to choose
  • 3 main career paths to pursue: singer, actor, model
  • Complete different jobs and challenges in the game to make money
  • Play mini-games to earn money or outfits as well as other unique fashion accessories.
  • Shop for fun at locations inspired by reality – thriving Japanese commercial cities like Ginza, Harajuku and Shibuya.
  • Chat with other virtual celebrities (Beauty Idol co-stars) and live the lives of Shojo and Seinen.

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Note, you can download the game Beauty Idol for free to play on your phone or tablet. However, the game also contains a number of items that can be purchased through the purchase application (e.g. diamonds) so you can skip missions or speed up the completion of tasks, buy more costumes for personnel. object. If you do not want to use this feature, you can control the purchase feature by creating password protection from the application.

Watch the introduction video game Beauty Idol

Download the game

You can download the game for free from the direct link or apk file, copy it to a memory card, install and play it now. The game does not need a network connection when playing.

How to play the game?

The first time you launch the game, you need to create your own character: name and choose your outfit. At this time, you do not have too many choices for yourself besides the basic costumes: skirts, tops, hair, glasses, etc.

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After creating the character, you can start the life of a celebrity. First of all, you need to perform each task that the game offers, this can help you get familiar with how the game is run, and receive gold and diamonds.

You can see the task board displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click on it to see the task to be done. For example, the task below is to play the mini game “Where is my Clothes”. In this game, you need to find the right outfit for the model for a limited time. If you complete the mission, you will receive a reward of gold and experience (to level up). However, just like humans, the character also gets tired, and when she performs the task, she will also lose some energy (shaped like gray lightning). Energy can be recharged over time or purchased with diamonds.

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Play mini dress up game

Download Beauty Idol for Android .APK 7

The task of finding a dating boyfriend

The task will be proposed continuously on the task board. You can consider playing or exploring the game on your own.

How to earn diamonds without real money

Diamond is the premium currency in the game. To get it, you need real money to buy or simply log in to Facebook or follow the requirements (usually download other applications) to receive diamonds for free.

In the game there are also many achievements in all 3 areas of singing, modeling, acting for you to complete. Perform all the tasks and collect all the achievements in the game.

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The achievement set is waiting for you to conquer

Note, when you play to level 3, you will be asked to download additional content for the game. At this time, the game will have more new and more interesting features for players to explore such as visiting friends’ houses, taking photos of magazines, etc.

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