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Feel the power of a fighter on duty in the action game Battle of Warplanes for Android ! Jump into the cockpit and hold the fire button until the sky is clear of enemies!

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Similar to the dramatic aircraft shooting games such as Gunship battle: Helicopter 3D , Wings on Fire – Endless Flight , Modern Warplanes , Air War – Helicopter Shooting , AirFighters or Wings of War , Battle of Warplanes also have attractive combat screens and Challenging. Plan wise strategies and start taking on dangerous dangerous dogfight missions now!

With Battle of Warplanes for Android , you can fight against enemies and hostile forces in many dramatic aerial battles, terrain experiences and 3D battlefields designed in detail, exploring quests. thrilling cases and plunging into fierce, fierce confrontations.

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Choose one of the modern battleships of the Battle of Warplanes Android to engage in air-to-air and air-to-ground battles using firepower. Embark on missions that require your skillful flying skills. Join every confrontation to strengthen and equip your fighter with great items. Do not forget to collect the reward after each battle again.

Highlights of the game Battle of Warplanes for Android

Stunning graphics

Battle of Warplanes game possesses the same beautiful graphics system as in the PC game of the same name on Steam, providing realistic 3D simulation fighters from real military aircraft.

Online multiplayer mode

Play the game Battle of Warplanes in online mode and fight with pilots from around the world such as USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan and many other countries.

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Various types of fighters

Battle of Warplanes offers more than 20 types of fighters that simulate real-world battleships: Falcon, F22 Raptor, SU, F18, and many other aircraft.

Fight in the sky

Each aircraft is equipped with auxiliary weapons and individual capabilities.

Abundant upgrade system

Players can upgrade and customize the aircraft in many different ways to turn it into a superior combat vehicle.

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Aerial combat in your style

Experience exciting battles with non-stop action scenes.

Great battlefield

Fight in many beautiful locations like majestic mountains, hot deserts – full of iron birds, supersonic fighters and deadly artillery shells.

Easy control

Control jet, aircraft speed, missiles and guns. Perform landing and takeoffs from an aircraft carrier, then master every battlefield.

Cooperate with friends

Join group fights with friends! Battle of Warplanes Android is a great game if you love shooters , speed or war !

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The main feature of the game Battle of Warplanes for Android

  • Compete with gamers from around the world in real-time PvP battles.
  • 3D graphics in modern style with realistic simulated planes.
  • A multitude of diverse fighters – unlock and own them all.
  • Upgrade and customize your fighter jet, turning it into a super war machine.
  • Intuitive, smooth driver that pleases both new players and professional gamers.
  • Rush into non-stop dramatic air raids.
  • Perform additional combat missions if you want to earn additional rewards.
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Dominate the sky and destroy all enemies in the dramatic dogfight game Battle of Warplanes for Android !


The Battle of Warplanes game requires a stable Internet connection to play.

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