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Battle Mobile for Android is an MMO strategy game set in World War II, recreating the battle between the Allies and the Axis. The game simulates many famous figures in history, including heroes, villains, technology and especially the chaos and fierce of World War II.

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As a developer of many popular strategy games such as Sea Fortress and Conquerors: Golden Age , IGG brings gamers a fascinating new strategy game Battle Mobile – with epic and eye-catching battles. Do you think you have the qualifications to become a legendary general in World War II? Show off your strategic talent and make important decisions to become a great leader in Battle Mobile for Android !

Not set in the Middle Ages like the empire game Age of Empires: World Domination , Clash of Kings or Clash Royale , … Battle Mobile focuses on the brutal reality brought about by war in modern times, where weapons are dark. New and high technology is one of the leading causes of devastating destruction on the planet. Games not characterized biased action style tactics, requires strategic thinking and the ability to analyze the situation of people playing war.

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Experience the epic and spectacular battles in the Battle Mobile for Android game

War is going on globally! In this huge conflict, you are the leader of the war! Command the army against hostile forces and conquer other lands, otherwise your country will turn into their colony! Plunge into the fierce battles of Battle Mobile Android and take control of the world with your speedy sweeps!

In the Battle Mobile game , the player’s task is to build bases, expand territories and conquer the world! Form an alliance and bring down the leading military powers during World War II! Fight with other players for valuable resources! Participate in skirmishes and maintain social order!

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Compete with gamers from around the world in the fierce PvP battles of Battle Mobile

Compete with players from around the world in the intense PvP battles of the Battle Mobile Android game . Make strategic decisions, command military operations, and stand firm in fierce competition to climb to the top of the global rankings.

Salient features of the game Mobile Battle for Android

  • Fight with players from around the world.
  • Recruit famous command generals during World War II.
  • Build a powerful army, including the main battle vehicles such as tanks and fighters.
  • Hundreds of unique weapons to choose from.
  • Participate in dangerous campaigns – you are the commander of this raid.

On the road to world domination in the game Battle Mobile for Android , strengthen your power with an iron fist and uncompromising with the enemy.

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