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Baby Panda’s Train for Android is the latest educational game by BabyBus developer. In this part, the children will play the role of the train captain, responsible for carrying passengers and transporting goods to the designated place.

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Good morning, captain! Is your baby ready to ride with his little panda and start an exciting adventure across different lands? Pull the whistle and start your own journey in the Baby Panda’s Train Android game now!

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Build a train

Choose a red locomotive and connect to the silver passenger wagon. Don’t forget to attach brown cargo wagons. Oh! The baby’s train looks fantastic. Step into a fun-filled journey in Baby Panda’s Train !

Carrying passengers

Check the tickets of each passenger and help them remove prohibited items from the suitcase. Carry passengers on your baby’s train, walk through the green pastures and start an exciting adventure!

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Baby came to the freight warehouse! Control the crane and use the giant hook to load the cargo onto the ship and send them to the destination.

Eliminate obstacles

Dealing with cracks in the tracks, moving the fence blocking the path of the train, moving some sheep standing on the tracks, … Think and find ways to overcome all challenges on the train. This and take passengers, baby goods to the place on time offline!

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Congratulations! Baby has completed all tasks. Little panda has a new element for her to add to the train! Discover it now!

Salient features of the game Baby Panda’s Train for Android

  • Provide 18 parts of the train for baby to explore and assemble.
  • Explore 4 diverse locations – meadows, deserts, cities and tunnels.
  • Find out what to look out for when traveling by train and learn to identify prohibited items in your luggage.
  • Help your child learn about the train driver.

While constantly updating new content in the near future, BabyBus hopes that the kids will get acquainted with the train and know what to note when traveling by this vehicle through a series of games. Highly educational in Baby Panda’s Train for Android app .

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Introducing the Babybus developer

BabyBus developer is famous for simulation games that help stimulate creativity, imagination and curiosity for children such as Baby Panda’s Pet House Design , Baby Panda’s House Cleaning , Little Panda’s Fashion Flower DIY , Baby Panda’s Dream Job for Android , Baby Panda’s Family and Friends for Android , Baby Panda Care: Daily Habits , Baby Panda’s Bird Kingdom for Android , … Through its educational products, BabyBus always hopes children can have a healthy playground. Strong to explore their own world.

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Currently BabyBus offers a lot of different apps, videos and educational content for more than 250 million children aged 0-8 around the world! The company has produced more than 150 games, 700 children’s songs and cartoons on various topics spanning many areas of life such as art, health and science.

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