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Does your baby want to grow everything he wants on a beautiful farm? If the answer is yes, come to the lovely panda farm in the Baby Panda’s Farm simulation game for Android . Here, the kids can grow all kinds of trees in a large area!

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In the game farm Baby Panda’s Farm for Android, the baby can become a farmer, growing freedom watermelon, strawberries, tomatoes, and any plants that you wish. Choose what she wants, plant it and harvest it!

Select all the seeds, dig the soil and plant it into the ground. As the seeds begin to grow, touch the cloud to water them! Oh no, bad pests are damaging young buds! Spray insecticide to eliminate them. Once harvested, the children can sell their crops in the store to earn gold, buy more seeds and grow their own farm!

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Baby hesitate, download the game Baby Panda’s Farm for Android right on your computer and gradually become a talented farmer cum farm owner!

Salient features of the game Baby Panda’s Farm for Android

  • Become a rancher and plant what your baby wants.
  • Enjoy the fun of operating your own farm.
  • Learn how to grow popular vegetables like pumpkins, strawberries, tomatoes, … or fruits like watermelon, grapes, strawberries, etc.
  • Choose from 10 diverse plants to sow and watch them grow.
  • He can earn gold by selling his plants in shops.
  • Experience the joy of a good harvest.
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Introducing the Babybus developer

BabyBus is famous for educational games that help stimulate creativity, imagination and curiosity for children such as Baby Panda’s Pet House Design , Baby Panda’s House Cleaning , Baby Panda: Magical Opposites – Forest Adventure , Baby Panda’s Dream Job for Android , Baby Panda’s Family and Friends for Android , Baby Panda Care: Daily Habits , Baby Panda’s Bird Kingdom for Android , … Through its educational products, BabyBus always hopes children can have a healthy playground. Strong to explore their own world.

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Currently BabyBus offers a lot of different apps, videos and educational content for more than 250 million children aged 0-8 around the world! The company has produced more than 150 games, 700 children’s songs and cartoons on various topics spanning many areas of life such as art, health and science.

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