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Time to take a shower! Welcome baby to the new educational game in the Baby Panda universe called Baby Panda’s Bath Time for Android ! The game will help your baby form a bath routine and clean hygiene.

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After a long day of playing and enjoying, the cute bunny Momo and the panda Kiki were smeared with dirt and desperately needed help to remove the stains and become clean. Kids, please help these two little friends bathe in Baby Panda’s Bath Time !

Salient features of Baby Panda’s Bath Time app for Android

  • Many interesting interactive activities and mini games help children to formulate personal hygiene habits.
  • The system of cute images, colorful and vivid sound, attracts the children to explore.
  • Help two super cute animal friends prepare clothes, shower gel, yellow duck and wash them off!
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Young children are very distracted and often do not focus on personal hygiene. This not only makes babies easily suffer from skin diseases and infections but also forms a habit of being lazy, relying on parents and not being responsible for their own health. Teach your kids the importance of maintaining good hygiene in Baby Panda’s Bath Time for Android ! In the game, children will learn ways to make personal hygiene through many interesting interactive activities. Play, bathe and kill germs with Kiki panda and Momo rabbit!

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Game Baby Panda’s Bath Time for Android will help:

  • Inspiring learning for children.
  • Build your child’s learning, exploration and discovery skills.
  • Train your baby’s observation ability and concentration.
  • Brings a lot of interesting content for young players.

While constantly updating new content in the near future, BabyBus hopes that preschool children will gradually form a clean personal hygiene practice through a series of highly educational games in the Baby Panda’s Bath Time for Android application .

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Introducing the Babybus developer

BabyBus is famous for simulation games that help stimulate creativity, imagination and curiosity for children like Baby Panda’s Pet House Design , Baby Panda’s House Cleaning , Baby Panda: Magical Opposites – Forest Adventure , Baby Panda’s Dream Job for Android , Baby Panda’s Family and Friends for Android , Baby Panda Care: Daily Habits , Baby Panda’s Bird Kingdom for Android , … Through its educational products, BabyBus always hopes children can have a healthy playground. Strong to explore their own world.

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Currently BabyBus offers a lot of different apps, videos and educational content for more than 250 million children aged 0-8 around the world! The company has produced more than 150 games, 700 children’s songs and cartoons on various topics spanning many areas of life such as art, health and science.

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