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Baba Is You is a puzzle intellectual game in which the rules you must follow will be shown through the blocks that we interact with. By handling these blocks, players change the game rules, reuse the things you find in the table and create unprecedented interaction.

Game giải đố độc lạ - Baba Is You
Strange puzzle game – Baba Is You

Baba Is You PC is rated as one of the best puzzle games today. In contrast to similar games like King Rabbit or When Ski Lifts Go Wrong , you can change the rules of the game according to your play style. In each level, game rules are shown through blocks. Just move the block, you can transform into a rock, turn the grass into hot and dangerous obstacles, even change the goals to be achieved in that table.

Chinh phục hơn 200 level giải đố thú vị
Conquer more than 200 exciting puzzle levels

Game Baba Is You has more than 200 levels with an incredibly creative way, requiring you to understand how to change the rules of the game and identify ways to interact with the object in that table.

Every game has its own rules, but in Baba Is You’s case – the rules are the game. The rules of the game are right in the game world and you are comfortable to combine and interact to achieve the goal in each level.

Mỗi bàn chơi có nhiều phương án để giải quyết tùy theo lựa chọn của game thủ
Each table has many options to solve depending on the player’s choice

Each table is a small 2D space, containing many objects and characters and corresponding words describing the rules of the game. To solve the problem, you must change the original game rules of that level by rearranging the words to create new rules.

Guide to playing the game Baba Is You

At the first table, for example, you see a white rabbit named Baba and a yellow flag. They are divided by 3 stones and sandwiched between 2 stone walls. The original rules were: Baba Is You, Flag Is Win, Wall Is Stop, Rock Is Push. Do Baba Is You, you can move the rabbit. With the assumption that Rock Is Push, rabbits have the right to push the rock. Flag Is Win means we can approach the flag to complete the table. Or gamers change the original game rules to complete the puzzle in a new direction.

Tương tác với các ô từ để giải quyết câu đố
Interact with word boxes to solve puzzles

Every word on the screen is a cell that can be moved. For example, with Baba, you can push Win umbrella around the table, change Rock Is Push to Rock Is Win. At this point, the player only needs to touch the stone to complete the table.

Or you split Wall Is Stop into two: Wall Is and Stop let two stone walls not stop the rabbit, now My Baba can comfortably walk through them.

Trò chơi giải đố Baba Is You giúp bạn khám phá nhiều ý tưởng sáng tạo
Puzzle game Baba Is You helps you discover many creative ideas

Another option is to swap 2 Baba and Flag boxes together, you will have a new clause: Flag Is You. In the role of the flag, you can move around the table, change the box to form Baba Is Win, then touch Baba to stand still to win.

Download Baba Is You and play on the computer, you will discover a lot of interesting ideas. However gameplay is not suitable for everyone. It may seem complicated and confusing, but once it is caught, it is hard for you to stop.

Luật chơi Baba Is You do chính bạn tạo ra
The rules of Baba Is You are created by you

The game configuration Baba Is You

  • Operating system: Windows 7.
  • CPU: 2.0GHz or higher processor.
  • RAM: 1GB.
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon X1300 / NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT / Intel HD 3000 or higher.
  • A minimum of 200MB of free hard disk space to install and play Baba Is You game.
  • Sound card: Intel High Definition Audio.

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