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B61 for Android – the perfect selfie app that just got an epic New Year update with a bunch of added features. Quickly download this application to your computer to have more beautiful photos during the upcoming Tet holiday.

Make every moment more special with the gorgeous camera filter B612

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Use B612 on Android when…

  • looking for a perfect angle to show off your true self…
  • you have a minute and a smartphone in hand…
  • you are in a strange land and you want to “check-in” immediately…
  • you are dating your friends and suddenly want to create a unique photo…
  • your relatives visit you for the first time and you want to capture that sweet moment…
  • your daughter suddenly rejoice with her angelic face and you want to keep that smile forever…
This is when you need B612 – a selfie app very attractive.

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B612 allows users to take selfies photos anywhere, anytime. Designed with a specialized function, completely different from other image processors, B612 brings users the freshness and youthfulness of the young; the modernism, professionalism of the most innovative photography application and the relentless creativity of the world’s leading design experts.

The main feature of the B612 selfie photography app for Android

  • Selfie video: “Show off” to the world your great beauty and perfect beauty with video clips lasting from 3 to 6 seconds with unique sound effects. Simply touch and hold the screen to start recording.
  • Rear camera support: Swipe the screen from top to bottom to use this feature.
  • Random Filter: Touch the random button and B612 will remember your favorite filters to show them to you as needed.
  • Vignette: This feature is perfect when darkening image contours to increase focus for the image. Each Vignette automatically adjusts the filter you are using.
  • Tilt-shift: Blur the contours of the focus area with just a light touch.
  • Collage shot: Create 3D images easily.
  • Timer: Smart timer.
  • Selfie stick: Set up Bluetooth remotely and enjoy a freer shooting experience.
  • Share: Post and share photos easily on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • Edit photos from the gallery.
  • Share photos to many integrated applications.
  • The Original option at the top of the filter list to return to the main screen.

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This is an extremely simple camera application that aims to eliminate unnecessary features and focus only on creating beautiful and awesome “selfies”. B612 – Selfie with the heart is suitable for those who like to take cool photos, like to update photos on social networks, for those who want to take beautiful photos to find friends or for personal Blogs.

B612 is only used with the front camera and allows you to take a selfie with one hand by touching anywhere on the screen near the shutter button. The front camera starts working as soon as you start the app, so it doesn’t require confusing settings.

Latest feature of B612 on Android

  • More than 1,500 different stickers
  • Face recognition sticker can distort your face or turn you into a lovely animal.
  • Shiny effects and analog filters light up your everyday life.
  • Rich drawing effects, allowing you to draw when recording videos.
  • Real-time beauty effects for perfect photos
  • Facial beauty with one touch.
  • Shape your ideal face with an easy to use slider.
  • Spotless filter to suit your tastes.
  • High quality filter for selfie, food photography, landscape… perfect.
  • Quickly access your favorite and most used filters.
  • Easily create high-quality music videos.
  • Combine good melodies into videos.
  • [NEW] Added a whole new filter: Radiance
  • Improved user interface, easy access to albums, collage mode, random mode, filters and settings menu directly from the camera screen.
  • Improved camera features, can use the timer features, effects blur, blur and adjust the brightness of B612 faster and easier right from the camera screen.
  • Add 2 brand new filters (Shine, Bloom) and 2 new audio for videos (Luoping, Caprice).

B612 will certainly not let you down, but on the contrary, this app will become your companion anytime, anywhere, helping you save all the best and most wonderful moments.

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