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Download AVG Image Shrinker for free right now to save storage space and reduce mobile data usage when posting and sharing photos with friends, relatives and colleagues.

Do you like taking photos with your phone or tablet and posting them on social networks like Facebook, Google+, Instagram or emailing to friends? With the great quality cameras on the phone, anyone can take great photos, but this is not always “friendly” with mobile data plans. AVG Image Shrinker will help users save monthly mobile data plans by reducing the size of the images before you share them. In addition, users can adjust the size of photos and images, helping to save storage space on the device.

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Record images and save mobile data plan

  • Shrinking photos before posting them online or stored on the device not only helps users save monthly mobile data plans, but also saves storage space on the device.
  • Adjust the size of the photos.
  • Reduce the size of JPEG, PNG and BMP files.
  • Reduce the size of the photos taken by the phone camera to make them easier to control.
  • Increase storage space by shrinking image size, making room for new photos on your phone or tablet.

Share photos online

  • Share your favorite photos on social networks, via email, chat apps or send MMS messages.
  • Upload photos to Facebook , Google+ , Pinterest , Instagram and other popular social networking sites.
  • Sync photos with cloud storage services like Google Drive , Picasa, Dropbox or other applications like Flipboard and Flickr .
  • Share via email, MMS or instant messaging application: Skype , Viber , Whatsapp , ChatON and ICQ .

Customize by preferences:

  • Resize an image by selecting from different sizes or using the default size suggested by AVG. In addition, users will save time and effort by sorting photos by file size, date or name and recording all the selected photos at once.

Quick installation and user-friendly features:

  • Installing AVG Image Shrinker is very quick and easy to use so that users can quickly save storage space and reduce the use of mobile data packages immediately.

These sizes can shrink:

  • AVG Recommended (Max resolution 800×600)
  • Small (Max resolution 640×480)
  • Medium (Max resolution 800×600)
  • Large (Max resolution 1024×768)
  • Extra Large (Max resolution 1920×1080)
  • Custom (Note that aspect ratio is locked)

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