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Avatar Musik is the first 3D mobile game that combines music, dance and social networking. Allow players to freely immerse themselves in the ball dance, experience the hottest songs today, and the ability to mix their impressive map.

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Download Avatar Musik for Android – Dance game combines unique music games.

Right from entering the game, players can create characters according to their own personality. Feel free to choose your favorite outfits, build a large world with 4 main areas: Music area, Shopping area, Park area and Residential area. Avatar Musik runs smoothly on both Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms.

If you ever loved Au Stars , HotSteps, then you will not be new to this Avatar Musik game. Just perform the dance steps exactly to the music to score, use the arrow keys to perform the corresponding dance steps on the screen. In addition, also participate in many interactive activities such as chatting, making friends, fishing, planting trees …

New features in the game Avatar Musik 1.0.1

Mid-Autumn Festival

From 11/09 to 10:00 on 01/10, players can participate in the following Mid-Autumn Festival activities 2019 to bring back a series of valuable gifts:

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Making moon cakes:

Harvesting mung beans has a percentage of getting green beans, taro getting taro, chicken eggs getting salted eggs. Also participating in single jumping (games with 3 or more people) have a chance of getting matcha powder, double dancing (games with 2 or more pairs) have a rate of getting durian. The higher the score at the end of the game, the higher the percentage of materials received.

Then bring the harvested materials to Hang Nga to make moon cakes:

Cake Name Recipe Point
Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 3 Green bean moon cake first Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 4 first
Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 5 Matcha salted egg moon cake first Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 6 + 1 Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 7 2
Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 8 Taro moon cake first Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 9 3
Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 10 Durian moon cake salted egg first Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 11 + 1 Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 7 4

Hand over the cake to Hang Nga to get mid-autumn points, use the mid-autumn points to exchange for rich rewards.

Military procession lamps:

From 17:00 to 05:00 the next day, random lights will appear on the maps. When the army puller appears, hold the lantern in your hand with your friends to pick it up around the troop puller. Participating in the light procession will receive Mooncake box or Moon egg matcha moon cake.

Note: Paper lanterns are very flammable, when strong impact from other players will be burnt. So be careful.

Mid-Autumn Festival party:

At each restaurant, there will be a restaurant owner NPC, the player uses Mooncakes to set a party for friends. Starting the party from 19h00 to 23h00, there are 3 types of banquet tables including:

Party name Table number Cost
Mid-Autumn Festival members 3 100 mung bean moon cakes
Mid-Autumn reunion 4 100 salted egg matcha moon cake
The perfect moon 5 100 Taro moon cake

Bustling fireworks:

Using Fireworks will cost Gem to unlock, but get beautiful sparkling fireworks effects to watch with your friends on the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Note: Use of fireworks will still count towards the SVIP race of the month.

Dance with Ms. Hang:

Ms. Hang will enter the arena randomly to dance with the players. When dancing, Ms. Hang received a box of moon cakes.

Other updates

  • Double house function.
  • Childbirth function.
  • Couple mission system.
  • Fix some bugs.

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Special features in the game Avatar Musik dance for Android

Cute character

Character design is designed in a cute Chibi style, all facial expressions are shown as rich as happy, sad, angry, happy, crying, disappointed … Avatar Musik has characters male and female for the player to choose.

Nice outfit

With a variety of costumes, shoes, hairstyles and accessories, updated regularly according to the latest fashion trends. Help players freely display their coordination ability, to suit their own style.

Residential area

Allow players to freely build, customize their own apartment as you like. By buying decorative items in the store, you are free to create and decorate your home beautifully to show off to your friends.

Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 14

Park area

A place to help dancers exchange and make friends. With many romantic, vibrant, bustling scenes, the trees gently fluttering in the wind, straight benches, romantic beaches will be an ideal dating place for couples.

Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 15


Enjoy shopping for the items, costumes, accessories you like. With hundreds of rich and diverse items from famous brands for you to choose freely.

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Music zone

Join mini games related to music such as single dance, dance group to the background music. Each stage can be played by 6 players, you have to listen to the music to get high scores.

Download Avatar Musik for Android .APK 17

Come to Avatar Musik to immerse yourself in the colorful world of music. The game has many game modes, along with extremely attractive melodies that will bring you moments of entertainment extremely interesting.

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