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Autodesk Pixlr for Android is a powerful and professional photo editing application that helps you quickly crop, rotate and adjust photos for free (no premium purchase required), allowing you to choose from over 2 million brands. Combine applications, overlays, borders to personalize your photos. At the same time you can share easily via social networks Facebook , Twitter , Instagram .

As Autodesk ‘s products, there is no reason that it is not artistic and different from other photography and editing applications on the market. Autodesk Pixlr promises many outstanding features, professional and different from most photographic and photo editing applications today.

With Pixlr, turning your personal photo into a work of art is entirely possible. Pixlr for Android can give you a more professional photo than any other application you have used before.

To use Pixlr on Android, you need to create a free Pixlr account to automatically unlock premium content and features including: double exposure, blend mode, and automatic contrast.

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Features of Autodesk Pixlr for Android:

  • Apply multiple effects in real time – preview effects and overlays directly from the camera using the new Pixlr Live feature.
  • Easily crop, rotate, and adjust photos when saving and sharing
  • Choose from 4 predefined sizes (or enter your custom size).
  • Create and customize an image by editing its layout, background and spacing .
  • Photo “auto fix” edit with just one touch, easy color balance, adjust in low light conditions.
  • Discover extremely cool adjustment tools: easily adjust the contrast and brightness of images, focus on color with Color Spalsh or Focal Blur .
  • Create photos like a sketch or ticket with half-color adjustment, watercolor, pencil.
  • Remove red eye and whiten your teeth with this simple tool
  • Discover the store that is regularly updated in effect packs, overlays, and borders.
  • Overlay adjusts to the mood of the photo – amplifying tones, cooling, adding surreal colors.
  • Complete the editing process with perfect borders – choose a rich style that suits you.
  • Track your favorite effects and overlays with the “favorite” button
  • Share photos directly with friends via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or email

You may not know it, but Autodesk, the maker of AutoCAD’s design and engineering, has just entered the Android photo editing application market. Prior to that, Pixlr-o-matic’s company was one of the more popular photo editing providers on Google Play. However, their latest application, Autodesk Pixlr , is much more powerful.

When running the application, Pixlr Express’s start screen allows you to take a new photo or choose an image that is inherent on your phone to edit. Next, this application will take users to the editing screen, where all its power will be divided into 4 categories: Adjustments , Effects , Overlays , and Borders .

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The Adjustment menu offers a range of powerful photo editing features, with popular tools like Crop, Rotate, Blur, Color Fix, Brightness and Contrast, Sharpen, De-Noise, Red Eye Reduction , and Whiten . As you dig deeper, users will find that each tool has its own settings, so you can adjust any further changes before using them. For example, users can manage the radius of the Sharpen tool or adjust the Red Eye tool. These tweaks offer a much greater convenience than other similar tools.

One adjustment that Instagram users will surely enjoy is Focal Blur , which is basically the tilt-shift tool of this social network but has better management. Another interesting feature is Color Splash , which transforms the entire image into a black and white photo, except for the color the user chooses.

Another very interesting tool is Auto Fix . With just one click, this tool will help colors become more vivid, compensate for exposure problems, adjust the level of contrast, … In general, this feature will help photos become more more amazing, which would be impossible without ideal conditions.


Menu Effects owns all Pixlr photo filters, with over 100 filters all along and includes a range of themes, from classic tones to vivid colors. There is also a Creative effect menu, which offers different ways to split and multiply multiple photos. You can even adjust the opacity of any filter by moving the Fade slider. This is also another management feature that makes Pixlr different from other similar photo editing applications.


While filters add some combination of color and lighting settings to an image, Overlays provides additional layers of shape and visual effects for the image. For example, users can add frames, smoke or other vignettes. There are plenty of bokeh effects to help bring a different look to bright pixels that aren’t focused in the image. Any of these effects, you can change the Fade settings or even rotate or reposition (horizontal or vertical) an overlay to get the perfect look.

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Finally, Pixlr offers a wide range of contours of various shapes and sizes. You can choose between film borders, square borders, circle borders, patterns, torn paper, etc. All of them provide the Fade setting and repositioning that Overlays owns.

One thing to be careful about when editing photos with Pixlr Express is the device’s Back button. Sadly, this app does not alert the user before exiting the editing screen, so be careful otherwise your work will be lost with a single wrong click. If so, you will have to take a new photo or revisit the photo library to find the one you edited earlier. In this case, you should take a look at Recent Files when running the application. In addition, it should be noted that not all Pixlr effects are fully installed. Many effects require users to download to use.

Once you’ve finished editing, Pixlr Express allows you to share your final work with any other application (installed on your computer) or save directly to your device’s photo library. It even allows you to select the size of the output file ( Small , Medium , or Original ). If desired, the user can also set the application to always output the file to the default size.

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