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Auto Chess VN for Android is the official Vietnamese version of Auto Chess Mobile before. And also a Dota Auto Chess custom map of Dota 2 .

Download Auto Chess VN for Android .APK 1

Auto Chess VN in particular, Auto Chess games (also known as human chess games) in general are creating a new gaming trend, a new gaming trend among young people and enthusiasts of the mobile game genre.

It can be said not too that, thanks to the advent of Auto Chess Mobile (now Auto Chess VN), the DOTA 2 action game was also “fragrant” and also seemed to create attraction again. Also from this success, many game companies now also, are launching their own Auto Chess games.

Gameplay of Auto Chess VN

  • The game is built on 8×8 design similar to a familiar chess board. The task of the player is to collect and arrange the pieces (generals) together to form a squad of their own.
  • After being placed on the chessboard, the generals and characters of the game will automatically fight each other according to the tactics that the player has built through the arrangement of the team.
  • Players will compete with 7 other players to create an attractive fighting game, exciting and brainstorming until the last minute.
  • Each general in the game belongs to different systems and species. Thanks to that they have different skills and attacks.
  • If you are lucky enough to collect 3 cards that are similar in both system, species and number of stars, you can upgrade that champion to a higher level (maximum of 3 stars). In this strategy game, champions with a higher number of stars will be stronger.
  • Generals of the same generation, if used correctly, will bring special effects or skills to themselves or the entire team.
Download Auto Chess VN for Android .APK 2

Special features of Auto Chess VNG

1. Chess board and chess pieces

The chess board can also be understood as the place where the battles in Auto Chess VN, are simulated and reproduced in the form of chess in reality. Exterior outside and around the yard can change to create a new feeling, but basically, players will see the squares with 2 colors of light and dark intertwined.

Players can also collect these “chess boards” to refresh their own playing field.

2. Characteristics

The character system in Auto Chess VN is extremely rich and diverse. Each type has its own skills and abilities. The choice of the type of army, how to use it will directly affect the results of the game and the game.

Each of these character systems can be combined with a certain purpose, number to create special effects like the user such as:

  • Armor / Armor decreased
  • Buff HP
  • Reduces attack speed
  • Call more “filed”
  • Damage increased
  • ….

3. Absolute balance

Every match starts from scratch, meaning that all players are the same, no one is more than anyone. How you play, how the result is completely up to you. There is nothing that can join, influence or change the outcome of the game except what is happening on the board.

Download Auto Chess VN for Android .APK 3

4. Assign fair fighting

From the beginning of the match to the end of the match, all players will play in pairs and rotate until there is only one player remaining on the field.

Depending on your tactics and the way your troops are chosen, the outcome of your competition with someone may vary.

5. Resources (Money, Gold)

In order to collect new and different types of troops, players need to buy in the General store. Each generals belonging to different genres and species will have different prices, the later, the more quality generals (4-5 Gold) appear more.

Each game is completed, based on the result of that game and the winning sequence, players will receive different amounts of bonuses.

Players can use the Gold they have to buy new champions to change the list of existing generals or gain experience points for themselves. Be smart and choose how to spend money sensibly, by:

  • If you “turn around”, change generals (cost 2 Gold / time), not necessarily new generals like that, but also capable of the hero you need.
  • If saving and just to increase experience points, you will narrow your gameplay, tactics, difficult to change in the face of many different players.
Download Auto Chess VN for Android .APK 4

6. Level players

Each game, each game in Auto Chess VN, players only use a maximum number of pieces. The number of pieces depends on the player’s level. Specifically:

  • Players who reach level 5 = Can use up to 5 champions
  • Players who reach level 8 = Can use up to 8 champions

After each game is completed, the player will be given a certain percentage of EXP to increase the level, but can also use 5 Gold to buy 4 EXP points, which helps increase the level faster. However, 5 Gold is enough money for you to buy 2 good quality generals and 1 good quality champion, or you can “turn around 2 times” in the shop. Please consider carefully!

7. Fight automatically

After the preparation time has ended, the chess pieces on the board will automatically fight against each other until either party loses or the game time is over (tie result).

Download Auto Chess VN for Android .APK 5

8. Exchange, make friends

Not only domestic players, gamers can also pair, play Auto Chess Mobile with other players across the country. Invite friends to play with them to have great entertainment moments.

9. Pairing equipment

During the game, players will receive equipment to improve the power of the champion. You can equip these equipment immediately for each champion according to the utility of that equipment, or you can combine to create another equipment that is stronger and more effective.

10. Luck

Called the flag of dignity, but perhaps the most true, perhaps the luck of each player will be the main cause of the tactics, even the player’s victory or defeat in that fight. .

Players can also use the cool emoticons in the game to express emotions when chatting or chatting while playing.

Compared to the older brother, Dota Auto Chess, Auto Chess VN has a nicer interface, is easier on the eyes, and the picture is more beautiful and cute. Although the gameplay and gameplay are not different, new players often choose Auto Chess VN more. Also another reason for this attractive card game is the popularity. You don’t need to be a mischievous gamer, nor do you need to be a skilled and flexible hand to play Auto Chess VN.

Download Auto Chess VN for Android .APK 6

Configuration required

  • When playing, you need an intermittent Internet connection.
  • Recommended configuration: 2GB RAM or more.
  • Support for more than 500 Android devices including: Galaxy Note 8, Sony Xperia XZ1, Google Pixel2, Galaxy Note5, Huawei Honor8, LG G5, Redmi 4A, HUAWEI …

Feature updates in Auto Chess VN (10/28)

New system: Wizard

  • System Effect: The number of champions required to activate the System / Tribe of 4 or more champions decreases by 1.
  • Auto Chess VN restores the effectiveness of the Cave Clan (4) and the Spirit clan (4), and updates the Glacier (6) and Mech (6) effects.
Download Auto Chess VN for Android .APK 7

New champion

Grand Herald:

  • Tribe: Divinity.
  • Us: Wizard.
  • Skill:
    • Passive: Skill wait time reduced by 10%.
    • Active: When starting to fight, clone an enemy champion’s skill closest to his central symmetry.


  • Tribe: Demon.
  • Us: Wizard.
  • Skill: Draws an ink line forward, dealing 100 skill damage to enemy heroes on the ink line, each time an enemy champion is hit, the damage increases by 30 and comes with an effective Ink India layer.
  • Indian Ink: This ability to guide champions is a goal that will simultaneously affect all champions affected by this effect.

Removed champion

  • Shadow Evil.
  • Phantom Queen.

Adjust Us and Race

  • Marine Tribe – Effectiveness (2): Magic resist of all allied heroes increased by 30%, adjusted to 35%.
  • Marine Tribe – Effectiveness (2): Magic resist of all allied heroes increased by 30%, adjusted to 35%.
  • Knights – Effect (4): All Knights of your side have 48% chance of getting shield damage reduction per second, adjusted to 45%.
  • Assassin System – Effectiveness (6): All Assassin systems you attack have a 28% chance of causing x3.5 damage, adjusted to 30%.

Updated Equipment

  • Forgetful Rods: 50% attack cannot be evaded, adjusted to 35%.

Update feature in Auto Chess VN (October 18)

New update

  • Add the “Good brothers” rating mode, which will open in Season 3.
  • Updated equipment selection feature in the Forest Monster Match, if you win or draw choose 1 of 3 items, while losing, you can randomly get 1 item, reducing the drop rate of monsters.
  • Launches the Match Observation mode, located on the left side of the mailbox.
  • Updated Trust Management function. The button opens and closes to the right of the Internet icon in the upper right corner of the match.
  • Integrated Translate function for Chat channel, touch the button to the right of the message to activate the function.
  • Update the function of choosing the National Flag, the player can select and display the National Flag representing his country / region.
  • Add Region Ranking.
  • Additional rewards for returning players, after a period of not logging in.
Download Auto Chess VN for Android .APK 8


  • Optimize fixed standing position to the left of teammates in “Brothers of goodness” for easy operation.
  • The chart of the BXH during the match will show win / lose for each match.
  • The final table of the match can view details of the equipment carried by the champion.
  • The chance of dropping an inherited item will vary with the number of survivors.
  • When the life force is higher than a certain value, the life force bar only displays a large cell.
  • The player will follow the player through the interface of another player.
  • Allow refusal to share in “Good brothers”.
  • Optimize the display of blood bars in the “Good brothers”.
  • Optimize font size in the game.
  • When using the Candy x2 card, it will appear in the summary view.
  • Optimize UI in Login interface and main interface.
  • Optimizing the appearance of the opponent.
  • Optimization of compound logic.
  • Fighting avatar changed to square.
  • Optimize skills and equipment descriptions.

Some bug fixes

  • Fix the error of displaying the wrong location, crashing the General’s Tips information.
  • Fix error of displaying wrong number of people in Options mode.
  • Fixed Avatar flashing.
  • Fixed an issue where Avatar was displayed as a question mark.
  • Fixed the movement of some champions in Smooth configuration.
  • Fixed an issue where the champion’s image was incorrect in the Smooth configuration.

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