Download Asus WL-330 firmware 2.08

Asus WL-330 firmware 2.08

Firmware version 2.08 of WL-330

1. Updating the wireless LAN driver solves one of the following problems:

– Addresses an issue where sometimes WB21 cannot receive Probe Response and Auth Response.
– Handling the problem WB21 error reconnects to the AP when the connection is lost and needs to be rebooted manually to restore.
– Improved interoperability with the Netgear WG511 in Ad-Hoc mode.
– Handling WB21 problems is difficult to associate with APs configured for any SSID or hidden SSID in infrastructure mode.
– Troubleshooting WEP 128 not working in WB21
– Solving WB21 problem in Ad-Hoc mode is difficult to combine with Marwall client itself.
– Fix the problem of WB21 errors reconnecting to the AP after the AP is turned off for about 30 minutes.

2. Add DHCP relay option in Web UI (default is enabled)

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