Download Aroma1997Core for Windows

Aroma1997Core 1.12.2 / 1.11.2 is the library for mods of Aroma1997. This is the Minecraft Mod version required for most mobs Aroma1997 author provides for Minecraft players. Therefore, you must install Aroma1997Core before you want to run other mods of the same author.

Main features of Aroma1997Core for Minecraft

  • Add the “/ sleep” command (inform the player who is awake / not sleeping).
  • Add the “/ sleep inform” command (inform everyone who is awake / not sleeping – the objects you want them to sleep).
  • Add the “/ sleep kick” command (for executives who can kick anyone who is awake out of the group).
  • Add mail system based on the command: “/ mail send <target> <message>” and “/ mail read”.

Download Aroma1997Core for Windows 1


  • This Minecraft mod does not need to be installed on the Server or Client. You can still join the server with the mod installed with the client without this mod. You are also entitled to join the server without the mod installed with this client and mod.
  • If the Aroma1997Core computer has not been downloaded or has been installed to use another mod, you need to check the Minecraft version to see if it is compatible with the mod.

Instructions for installing Aroma1997Core

  • The computer needs to have a Minecraft Forge program available to download the mod.
  • Find the folder containing Minecraft.
  • On a Windows computer, open Run from the Start menu, enter% appdata% and click Run.
  • On Mac Open Finder, hold down Alt and click Go> Library on the top menu. Open the Application Support folder and find Minecraft.
  • Put the downloaded mod (.jar file) into the Mods folder. When opening the Minecraft game, click Mods button to find installed and experienced mod!
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