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Army Clash for Android is Voodoo ‘s unique new strategy game where you engage in quick battles against rival armies, earn money and upgrade to become stronger and win easier.

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Army Clash is a new IO game from the developer Voodoo – the “father” of many popular fun games such as Crowd City , Helix Jump , Knock Balls , , or . The game challenges you to form an army, arrange a strong squad, and enter the battle against the opposition. Players will face many different armies made up of unique types of soldiers, including swordsmen, archers, bombers, … You can expand the size of the army, unlock the soldiers New soldiers and fight against more difficult opponents.

Assuming you are the commander of a force who is about to fight another army, would you want more soldiers than your opponent, or fewer troops but more skills? This is an important question when playing Army Clash for Android because your choice will greatly affect the chances of winning.

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Army Clash Android has two upgrade options that you can apply to your army

How to play the game Army Clash for Android

The battle will take place automatically. However, at the beginning, you have to aim really properly so that the army is in the right direction and makes the strongest impact possible. Point the arrow at the red bar while avoiding yellow and orange. If you bring your troops to the red zone, you will have a great victory. If you aim at them and make them go in the yellow direction, you will almost certainly lose. If you go in the orange direction, you will have about a 50% chance of winning.

However, defeating an opponent also depends on the strength of the force. If there’s a bad start, press the Reload button in the upper left corner of the screen. This way, you will be able to start all over again without having to watch ads or take any penalties for losing. Army Clash Android will not limit the number of replay times.

Game Army Clash has two upgrade options that you can apply to your army – unlock a new army and add another square. Do not select new squares when the number of troops is small, but if you need room to place new troops, unlock them as soon as possible.

When you start unlocking new forces, you’ll need to strategize. Place infantry in front instead of archers. Archers have the ability to deal long-range damage, so you should put them in the back.

At the end of a battle, players will earn 10 coins for each army that you destroy. In addition, you can also watch the promotional video to triple the number of coins received.

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Game Army Clash for Android requires a clever combination of strategy and skills

Army Clash game tips for Android

Army Clash is a great game, which requires careful tactical considerations, involving building an army force that can increase strength and number, and must find a way to defeat the opponent in all sizes.

In fact, Army Clash Android does not focus much on strategy planning skills, but on how to maintain the strength of the army. Unlike some fighting simulation games where an extremely strong soldier can take out 100 weaker people, this game is much more realistic.

Although the units merged together will create stronger soldiers, but it will also reduce the total number of soldiers that cause damage to the opponent, which often makes your army weaker.

The obvious solution to this dilemma is to never unite the units, but only allow a limited amount of space to place new units. However, at some point, you will need to unite your troops to make room for new troops. Remember, never merge units unless you run out of space to place new recruits!

With simple gameplay but not easy to master, Army Clash is really one of the most interesting war games today with a gameplay revolving around a combination of strategy and skill.

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