Download for Android .APK for Android – Fun multiplayer water slide game

Push other players off the slide to be the first to slide down the finish line in the colorful water race of the fun action game for Android .

Download for Android .APK 1 is a new IO game from the developer Voodoo – the “father” of many very popular fun games such as Crowd City , Helix Jump , Knock Balls , or Get the new water slide theme with loads of fun and exciting activities. In the game, your goal is to be the first to reach the finish line at the end of the slide. It sounds simple, but each level is a different slide with loads of obstacles and diverse power-ups.

The craziest and largest water slides in the world of Aquapark IO for Android are waiting for the brave and adventurous players to explore! See who’s the king and queen of the giant amusement park! In the IO game series (simple games with simple and entertaining nature) such as Popular Wars ,, Tiny Battleground , Zombie Ground .io , , … but Android still attracts Gamers by unique and unexpected gameplay.

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Find ways to become the first destination when sliding down the giant water pipe

Fun game for Android is a high-speed race, where you have to find every way, including cheating, to be the first to finish when you slide down the giant water pipe and surpass all players. other. For anyone who plays mobile games, you may find that Aquapark IO looks very similar to another recently released Slippery Slides (from Crazy Labs), but the game has a high resolution. The solution is much lower and there is one major difference – the water slide.

Instead of simply flying people on their way to becoming the first boy or girl to land in the pool at the finish line, for Android allows players to completely skip the waterslide and glide down. Fastest pool in every possible way. Unlike action games with similar gameplay, where you will lose when thrown off the slide, in , gamers are free to play their own way, including jumping out of the slide and flying. free, as long as you can reach the finish line first!

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Enjoy cool plumbing races and challenge your recklessness in the game for Android

The gameplay in Aquapark IO Android games is designed with increasing difficulty in both the length and the zigzag of water pipes, as well as the complexity of finding a way to win. However, do not worry, you can use the gold you collected when playing the previous levels to help when in trouble.

If you are looking for a fun game to cool down on the hot summer days, then why hesitate any longer without downloading the game for Android right on your computer and enjoy the cool water pipe race?

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