Download Angry Hammer: Grand Theft Auto for Windows

Angry Hammer: Grand Theft Auto – Action game to catch street bandits

Angry Hammer: Grand Theft Auto is an extremely attractive action shooter released on Microsoft Store. Angry Hammer: Grand Theft Auto game brings the appearance of the eldest brother in the famous GTA street robbery action game series and is provided completely free of charge. Download the game Angry Hammer: Grand Theft Auto to start taking part in the exciting adventure of gangsters.

Game hành động bắt kẻ cướp đường phố

Certainly, the GTA game series is one of the top game series today, this is a game that has a lot of special things, it can be said that this name has led to the game world something very unique, making All regulations are broken. Gamers will be comfortable living in a world they have never experienced – the best thugs, the most wanted criminals. Angry Hammer: Grand Theft Auto Game with the desire to bring something new for players but still has a little shadow of GTA. However, your role in it is completely different, you will be playing the role of the Angry Hammer – the justice side to chase all the criminals who are causing the turmoil of the city.

Game kẻ thực thi công lý

You will have every right to punish criminals and select the necessary weapons and items. Angry Hammer will clean up the bad guys on the street. If you want to be a hero, a law enforcement officer download it now to play on Windows 10 installation devices.
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