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Angry Birds Friends for Android is the game “Angry Birds” – the version associated with the new and attractive Facebook social network, provided free for Android devices.

Similar to the version of the same name on Facebook with 5 million regular members, Angry Birds Friends for Android opens the seemingly endless battle between angry birds and mischievous blue pigs .

The existence of the birds is threatened by greedy blue pigs – who steal the bird eggs. Use each bird’s unique ability to destroy enemy defenses. Angry Birds Friends possesses a physics-based gameplay that is extremely simple but no less attractive, the intense competition for unlimited points and plays. Each level requires the logic, skill and power of the player to solve.

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Give yourself an advantage in the battle against blue pigs (and your friends) with 4 awesome power upgrades . Angry Birds Friends allows gamers to play in many different modes with the Mighty Eagle and win all the levels. Join your Facebook friends and compete against them for points!

The highlight of the Angry Birds Friends version is that the player can play with his friends on the world’s largest social network today – Facebook. At the same time, the weekly Angry Birds Friends also organize many tournaments as well as special rewards for the winners.

It’s great to be able to invite your Facebook friends to play Angry Birds, give each other strength-boosting gifts , and compete in weekly tournaments wherever you are right on your mobile device.

The weekly tournament will take place every Monday with different difficulty levels. Players can use their mobile devices to challenge friends on Facebook, invite each other to play and win to win the final title with Popper pig and Flinger bird!

The tournament in Angry Birds Friends will split the gold, silver and bronze rankings . In addition, players will have the opportunity to collect daily rewards, send and receive gifts and share their achievements with everyone!

If the player is playing the Angry Birds Friends version on Facebook, the progress of your tournament will automatically be updated , so you can continue playing anytime and anywhere to develop your achievements higher.

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The main feature of the game Angry Birds Friends:

  • Join tournaments with new levels every week with Angry Birds Friends!
  • Challenge your Facebook friends with bronze, silver, gold and trophies!
  • Send gifts and invite your Facebook friends to play Angry Birds Friends!
  • 4 classic upgrade powers, with an exclusive power for the Friends version.
  • Provide daily rewards.
  • Free coins to complete missions as directed.
  • Automatic synchronization of achievements with data on Facebook.

Angry Birds Friends version is an online game, requires a 3G or WiFi connection and login to Facebook account to play.

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