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After a while making many game charts around the world, recently, the blockbuster “Angry Birds” Angry Birds 2 for Android 2.31.0 has also released the latest update with the return of daily challenge series. Download now lest you miss.

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The latest feature of the action game Angry Birds 2 for Android

  • The daily challenges have been updated.

Watch the introduction video game Angry Birds 2 for Android

Angry Birds 2 is the game that follows the story of the crazy bird flock in the blockbuster Angry Birds that has caused a “disturbance” in the mobile game market. Angry Birds 2 promises to mark the new era of slingshot game with super impressive graphics, levels are divided into challenging stages , pig bosses plotting and disrupt hundreds of times. than before.

As soon as it is available on Google Play, Angry Birds 2 has received a lot of positive reviews from users. It is clear that ‘ Angry Birds’ has never been an “outdated” game even after 5 years, this is the first new version from the manufacturer.

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Basically, Angry Birds 2 is quite similar to its “senior”. In the game, players will be given a certain number of birds and receive the task of shooting one by one into the swine or firing at the buildings in front – where the blue pigs are staying. These “buildings” are made of wood, stone or ice and you need to use a force that is strong enough, combined with power-ups to cause enough impact to cause them to collapse and the pigs are destroyed. kill. One thing to note is that, after releasing the bird from the gun barrel, quickly touch the pig shelter to increase the strength of the bird and cause the pig to quickly be knocked down.

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In the early stages, you will find it very easy to pass the level, but the higher the level, the higher the blue pigs will become bigger in size and their “base” will be much more solid. Players need to use more skills and accumulating more birds will be a big step for you to complete the task.

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In addition to the above basic points, manufacturer Rovio has cleverly added many new features to upgrade its “pet”, typically that is the use of cards representing the number of birds that players hold. Besides, the heart icon in the upper left corner of the screen is the number of networks you have. Every time you miss a shot, you will lose a life, until you use up these lives and the pigs have not been completely destroyed, the player will lose. In particular, in Angry Birds 2, in addition to the belligerent blue pigs, Rovio also “insert” more gold pigs to increase the challenge for your crazy birds.

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The main feature of the game Angry Birds 2 for Android

Choose your favorite bird

In Angry Birds 2, your task is not simply to choose a bird to continue shooting. Players need to use their wisdom otherwise the eggs will be destroyed. Plus, destroy the blocks on the way to and collect as many birds as possible.

Each of your birds will correspond to a card and they will also have different skills. The red bird will be the leader, the blue bird has the ability to break the strongest ice, the yellow bird has the ability to navigate well in the wind …. Players need to master these elements to have offensive tactics. fit.

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New levels challenging

Angry Birds 2 includes many impressive levels. You will never see Pig Island with so many beautiful exotic plants, but also filled with quirky details and hundreds of dangers. Moreover, the chubby and naughty bunch also conspires to build a huge tower right in front of your eyes. The fight for birds has never been so climaxic. In particular, try to pass the 25th level to participate in the arena Arena – the place for the oldest rubber gun shooters!

Many types of magic

Snowstorms, hot peppers, yellow ducks and many other types of magic will give you an edge over crafty pigs. In particular, when you need help to quickly kill the swine, Mighty Eagle sardines will appear and stand side by side with you in time.

Download Angry Birds 2 for Android .APK 7

Challenge other players

Challenge gamers worldwide in the arena to see who throws the best birds. Join the new tournament every day, earn bird feathers to level up your bird and challenge yourself by participating in the toughest contests on the planet.

Defeat the leading pigs

On Piggy Island there are also very devious leading pigs. Players need to use all their slingshot skills to be able to eliminate them. Forman Pig, Chef Pig and King Pig at all costs will not return eggs to your birds. Then it’s time you need to teach the piggy bank a life lesson!

Many attractive booty

Rovio has also added a more attractive booty system, which is dedicated to excellent players, including Leaderboard rankings, crowns, bird avatars and more.

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Review game Angry Birds 2 for Android


  • Angry Birds 2 retains many typical elements such as “previous generations”, including the story, characters and gameplay so players will easily experience the game without many obstacles, especially for those who play for the first time.
  • Beautiful graphics, elaborate scenes, for a smooth experience.
  • Combine card elements. Each card represents a bird, corresponding to a bullet. Once you earn enough points, you will receive those cards.
  • Vivid sound effects with the cry of the blue pig and the shouting victory of the crazy bird.
  • Play does not require Internet connection.


  • The game loads slowly, taking a long time to register on the system.
  • The Rovio product ads appear quite a lot during the experience, so they may interrupt your shots.
  • Waiting time to switch to a new level can make you uncomfortable.

Some notes when playing Angry Birds 2 game for Android

  • Angry Birds 2 is completely free, but there are some purchase options available in the game.
  • Direct links to social networking websites that the manufacturer intends to target over the age of 13.
  • Direct links to some websites that developers want to assist players in finding the desired sites.
  • Advertising products of Rovio as well as of third parties.
  • Games may require an Internet connection and may incur data transmission charges.
  • The first game will require downloading some additional content.

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