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Analog Film Photo is a free photo editing application with extremely professional film color effects, supports multiple color filters in the style of classic and natural film images, and easily share your work on social networks. festival.

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Integrating professional photo editing functions

Today, except for big events such as weddings, parties, conferences … need professional photographers and heavy, bulky film cameras, in the rest, most people are Use smartphones, travel cameras to capture memorable moments.

However, if you are a photography enthusiast and want to enjoy the extreme water film, then taking pictures with the phone camera does not exist. To do that, you need the support of photo editing application Analog Film Photo.

With this application, users can edit photos in the classic or natural style. With 400 color filters according to different film image styles, the work after editing will have beautiful colors and water, creating a nostalgic feeling that is difficult for any photo editing software to do.

Besides, Analog Film Photo also integrates an editing program of other common photo editing software such as adjusting exposure, sharpness, texture … so you can create a picture like the best. .

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Diverse photo editor

Once completed, users can share directly to social networking sites such as Email, Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , Tumblr or save to their device. With these advanced features, you are still hesitant to download Analog Film Photo and experience it today.

Outstanding feature of the application Analog Film Photo on Android

  • Retro Camera: Take photos in retro style, helps you feel like using a real Retro camera.
  • Old Camera: For low contrast and adding scratches to help you own a photo with a classic color.
  • Supersampler: Create different frames for each photo.
  • Integrate the best photo filter effects such as Kodak Gold, Portra, Ektarchrome, Tri-X, T-MaxSeries, Fuji Pro, Superia, Velvia, Fortia, Astia, Provia, FP, Neopan Series, Ilford HP5, Delta series. ..
  • Filters will be added and updated regularly.
  • Gorgeous color effects.
  • Rich, diverse photo editing tools like adjusting exposure, brightness, shadows, saturation, dust, scratches, texture …
  • Share photos easily on social networking sites.

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