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Ambush is a new generation shooting game extremely interesting, inheriting the characteristics of Raid . Although newly launched, this game has quickly won the hearts of many gamers.

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Download Ambush – New generation shooter on mobile.

With quite diverse weapon systems, gamers quickly find familiar guns for each competition mode, appropriate to their capabilities. Typically the guns AK47, M4A1, Desert Eagle or AWM. Each gun possesses its own strengths, giving players the freedom to choose.

More interestingly, Ambush VTC also offers gamers a variety of game modes, from single-team, team-based, bomb-setting to Rank or Tournament. All have contributed to create a slight attraction for this FPS game. Ambush supports both of the most popular mobile platforms currently iOS and Android.

New feature in the latest Ambush update

AK-47 Excavator

  • EXP: Increase by 50%.
  • Gold: Up 80%.
  • Penalty: Damage increased by 20 points, sustained for 8 seconds.
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R8 Excavator

  • EXP: Increase by 100%.
  • Gold: Up 70%.
  • Penalty: Damage increased by 20 points, sustained for 8 seconds.
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QBZ Excavator

  • EXP: 60% increase
  • Gold: Up 70%
  • Penalty: Damage increased by 20 points, sustained for 5 seconds.
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Apocalypse Excavator

  • EXP: 60% increase.
  • Gold: Up 70%.
  • Super breakthrough: Accelerate 30%, maintain 5 seconds.
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  • Fix map error, AI Boss.

Special feature in the ambush shooter for Android

  • Weapon system is diverse and unique.
  • Can rotate weapons to suit each strategy, the course of the match.
  • Join Rank competitions to show your talent in the world arena.
  • Compete in the peak Tournament battlefield, bringing valuable rewards.
  • Coordinate with friends to destroy enemies in team battle mode.
  • Experience the horror when your teammates become zombies.
  • The new Drone mode has never appeared in any shooters, giving players a new support system.
  • The matches are fair, because there is no gun upgrade system.

Game mode in the ambush shooter

Team battle mode

Team battle is one of the most popular modes of the FPS game series. When participating in this mode, gamers can choose 3 genres: Team Battle – Domestic, Team Battle (Rookie) and Single Match.

If you are new to this game genre, you should choose Battle for rookies, because it supports automatic firing when the mind hits the enemy, helping gamers quickly get used to the game. Each team match will have a total of 40 points wins, the team that reaches this level first will win.

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Team battle mode in Ambush Game.

Bomb setting

When participating in the bombing mode, players are divided into 2 teams:

  • Global Risk (Pigeon): Have the task of destroying the entire enemy or preventing the opponent from setting up bombs, also known as defending faction.
  • Black List (Blade): Have the task of defeating all Global Risk troops or successfully placing bombs, defending bombs until the bomb is detonated.

Place a competitive bomb using the scoring method for each round, the team that achieves the specified score before that team will win. The bomb setting has 3 game maps: Dust II, Aztec Ruins and Town.

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Bomb placing is the mode most gamers love.

Drone mode

This is actually a variant of the team mode, except that it is equipped with a powerful Drone system. These equipment greatly help players from increasing the armor, increasing the amount of blood to damage themselves.

Download Ambush for Android .APK 8
Level up equipment with Drone to increase power.

Besides, this mode also has a small mode called Every Point. With a fairly simple game, on the competition map there will be an area of the base, the mission of the two teams is to occupy the point, the longer the time to stand at the base the more points will be scored. The team that wins the previous 100 points will win.

Download Ambush for Android .APK 9
The small mode in Drone is called Every Point.

Training mode

Help gamers quickly become familiar with the game operation, receiving countless diamonds and gold every time completing the assigned task.

Rank battle mode

Every time you win another player, you’ll earn points, and then level up your Rank. After the season ends, depending on your score as well as the rank will receive the corresponding gift.

Tournament mode

As an online tournament in the game, players need to register to participate with a certain fee for each type of Tour. There are 2 types of Tournament:

  • Tour as soon as enough people (from 2 to 12 people / tour).
  • Tour is fixed by the hour of the day (from 10h to 13h; 18h to 21h and from 8 to 3000 people / tour).

Players will choose the amount of money spent for each match, to be ranked with the same choice. Tournament rules plus, minus points similar to the game competitions ranked. However, this mode does not allow players to use intervention items such as Armor, Drone, but only depends on their skills.

Download Ambush for Android .APK 10
Join T ournament to receive valuable rewards.

AI Boss mode

A mode against the Boss, helping players receive rare in-game items from the number of free turns per day. You can choose single or team matches according to your preferences.

Weapon system in the game Ambush

  • Pistol: Compact, powerful, easy to disguise, capable of unexpected attacks. Pistol usually uses small and medium sized ammunition, the magazine has a small capacity but high mobility.
  • Rifle: Typically the guns AK47, M4A1, SCAR, AN-94 …
  • Shotgun: A weapon used in close-range combat, has great damage, but is rarely used due to low damage in the medium range and small magazine.
  • Sniper: These are aiming guns with tremendous power, almost absolute accuracy.
  • Melee: The third weapon that the gunner can bring in every match.

Choose reasonable weapons, familiar battle map to help you quickly win the fierce battle, fierce.

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