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Air Camera is one of the latest and most interesting photography apps for Android users, it’s free and has enough features to take and edit photos. You can take HD photos and beautify your photos with funny stickers, unique filters and other magic effects.

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Create unique mirror effects, modern filters, diversity

Air Camera also allows users to crop, rotate images, blur, merge or flip images. All editing operations are made extremely easy and simple, making the picture perfect in a blink of an eye.

Note : The Air Camera image capture and processing application is for people 16 and older. Users need to carefully read the terms of the User Agreement before using.

Salient features of the Air Camera app for Android

Live filters and snapshots.

You can use more than 30 filters in Air Camera, including Natural, Lomo, Film, Sketch, Vintage and Old-time … With different filters, your photos will have different shades. Choose your favorite and most appropriate filter to the image.

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Many beautiful photo frames or create interesting collages using Air Camera

Cut take

With over 80 collages, you can instantly add stunning effects to your photos. Choose and match the way you like and combine photos in many different ways, showing your aesthetic eye and subtlety. You can also take a picture of yourself and make a poster or star on the cover of fashion magazines. The PIP function and poster will help make this job easy.

Funny effects and stickers.

Lots of funny stickers, interesting for you to choose and add to your photos like tattoos, muscles, emojis … Make your photos more funny, unique than friends by adding stickers Make-up like hair, eyebrows, necklaces, headbands, masks, eyelashes or earrings.

Record memorable moments

Air Camera will help you to record your beautiful memories such as going out with friends, attending a party, graduation or attending a wedding …

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Record memorable moments in life

Make up

Air Camera can help you look slimmer than in real life, remove skin imperfections and make you look like a supermodel. Users can adjust the skin color, remove wrinkles, remove acne, make the eyes bigger and shinier, even change the angle of the face. Just flick on the screen, you can easily switch different effects for photos.

Make up

If you accidentally take a photo and don’t forget to make-up, don’t worry, let Air Camera help you. Air Camera allows users to makeup themselves on photos by applying lipstick, eyebrows, eyelashes … Let yourself always stand out and bring the sharp beauty in each picture.

Download Air Camera for Android for free to record the interesting things in life and bring you a better experience right now!

New feature

  • Fix the error on the lock screen.
  • Add muscles, tattoos and beards in the hot features section
  • Optimize application performance.

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