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AfterFocus for Android brings the professional-style photography like on a DSLR to a free image editing tool for Android devices.

If users have loved the professional photography style of DSLR cameras with separate focus and blur areas , beautiful image quality … then now with AfterFocus for Android, you will own the That dream frame right on your smartphone or tablet through a few simple editing steps.

The paid Pro version adds the following features:

  • Export high resolution photos up to 2048 pixels.
  • Smooth transition from focus to background with Edge-feathering technology.
  • Provide more unique filters.
  • Support for dual images.

Users can send email directly to the developer to report bugs, send suggestions and comment on AfterFocus for Android apps.

With AfterFocus for Android, you can create photos with a blurred background – professional-style DSLR by simply selecting the focus area. Then, use a variety of unique photo filter effects to create the most natural and realistic frames.

Users should note – the more precise the focus area you choose, the more natural and professional the image is.

Users just need to highlight the area you want , AfterFocus for Android will automatically identify the focus area correctly even with complex shapes. This automatic function helps users manipulate images faster on their mobile devices, though the device screen is quite small.

Besides, the background blur effect of AfterFocus for Android also contributes to creating lifelike images between the boundaries of the wallpaper and the focus area.

With realistic filter effects, users will experience a great editing and photography tool , allowing easy and quick sharing on social networks.

Key features of AfterFocus for Android app:

Choose the intelligent focus area

Users only need to perform a simple operation of drawing a few lines in the focus area and the background image, then AfterFocus for Android will automatically recognize the corresponding focus area. Besides, you can also select the area with traditional hand drawing style.

Blur background image

Users can create the most realistic blur effect for the background image with many different aperture styles similar to that of professional DSLR cameras.

To emphasize certain specific objects in motion, motion blur is also supported in this case.

Photo filter effect

AfterFocus for Android provides a rich collection of filters, from basic to professional photo effects like Cross Process without creating a sense of artificiality.

In addition, users can emphasize highlights on the wallpaper using Bokeh flickering light effects.

Dual photos (only supports Pro version)

Take a picture of a certain subject and move it gently to the right to take another photo of the same subject. The application automatically analyzes the image and identifies the nearest object, so users do not need to select the focus area as for normal images.

Note: make sure the background of the photo and the distance of the subject are far enough and have a clear texture to get the best results.

Share photos easily

Users can share photos instantly via email as an attachment or SNS social network quickly and simply.

New features in version 1.2.5:

  • Supports Nexus 7.
  • Save EXIF location information.
  • Fix some minor bugs of the previous version.

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