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There are quite a few programs that are used to play flash animation files (SWFs) which are very popular right now, but the program called “Aero SWF.max” is a special application for “magic” attractive media files. this.

Calling Aero SWF.max has a series of attractive possibilities affecting flash files such as converting flash files into EXE files automatically run; ability to perform flash files professionally; extract images and sounds from flash files; use flash file to make wallpaper, screensave …

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  • Play flash files in a “medley” style: this is the feature to play a series of consecutive flash files. Go to menu ” File ” -> select ” Add to Playlist ” to Aero SWF.max play a series of imported flash files into the list.
  • Create flash file automatically run: go to menu ” File ” -> select ” Convert to EXE ” -> navigate to the flash file to be converted and press ” Save ” as the SWF file will automatically be converted into EXE file automatically run.
  • Detailed information about the flash file: the ” Get Info ” feature in the File menu will notify you all the information about the flash file such as size, playing time, frames per second, image resolution …
  • Use flash file as a desktop: go to ” Tool ” menu -> select ” Flash Desktop ” -> select ” Enable Flash Desktop ” and click OK as your flash file will be selected as a fully animated desktop format Sound and image play continuously.
  • Use flash file as a screen saver: go to ” Tool ” menu -> select ” Flash Screen Save “.
  • Use flash file to make “Wallpaper”: use the slider to find the image to be used in the flash file -> go to ” Tool ” -> select ” Set as Wallpaper ” as the image currently displayed will be used as a Wallpaper right away. selected
  • Extract image and sound in flash file: go to ” Tool ” -> select ” Extract Resources …”. If you want to extract the flash file as a series of JPG images, check the box ” JPEG Compressed Images “. If you want to extract the whole audio from flash file into MP3 file, select ” Event MP3 Sounds ” or ” Streaming MP3 Sounds “.
  • Extract a movie in the flash file: go to menu ” Tool ” -> select ” Capture Frame “.
  • Compatible with Adobe Flash Player 24

In addition, Aero SWF.max has many other interesting features that you can go to other menus to find out for yourself.

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