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Adobe Photoshop Fix for Android 1.0.499 is newly launched photo editing software from Adobe, which allows editing and restoring photos on phones such as skin smoothing, acne removal, lightening, color correction …

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Remove redundant or unwanted objects in the image

Today there are too many photo editing applications for users to choose, but finding an in-depth photo editing tool on the phone is not easy.

Speaking of Adobe Photoshop, everyone knows this is specialized software for editing, stitching, or performing any tricks to transform photos on your computer. Regarding mobile, the company has outstanding software such as Photoshop Mix used to cut and stitch photos, blend colors; Lightroom Mobile is used to capture, edit, organize and share high quality photos from your phone or tablet and Photoshop Express for easy photo editing by applying filters.

Most recently, Adobe has launched a powerful photo editing software Adobe Photoshop Fix for Android, helping users to turn out beautiful photos right on their phones like a computer retouched by a professional Retoucher. .

Because it is an intensive editing application, Adobe Photoshop Fix has a slightly complicated usage that allows you to edit every detail and restore photos on Android phones. You can patch, smooth, brighten, delete objects and more …

Users can access edited photos in Adobe applications on their mobile device or PC by logging into Adobe Creative Cloud software to continue editing them. All are used through Adobe CreativeSync.

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Intensive photo editing and photo recovery with Adobe Photoshop Fix

Salient features of photo editing application Adobe Photoshop Fix on Android

Edit and restore photos

  • The tool helps adjust water image, layout as you desire.
  • Face-aware Liquify: Powerful editing of facial features such as making a smile appear smoother, reducing cheek size to make the face slimmer or remove acne on the face easily.
  • Liquify: Squeeze, drag, rotate, inflate or reshape any area to create subtle or powerful effects.
  • Blend and patch photos: Fix the defects on the image with content from the surrounding area, then blend the results.
  • Smooth: Simply paint to smooth or sharpen skin, landscape or other content.
  • Lighten: Add or remove light from specific parts of the image.
  • Edit and adjust photos through a range of essential tools.
  • Color: Choose Desaturate to remove the entire image color or create a color blend or switch to black and white.
  • Paint: Choose the correct effect with the eyedropper tool to take sample colors and choose brush sizes and erasers.
  • Adjust: Add a vignette effect or adjust exposure, contrast and saturation for photos.
  • Defocus: blur a part of the image to draw attention to the main part of the image.

Connect to the Creative Cloud

If you love photography, use Creative Cloud Photography to own the most powerful photo editing tools today, Lightroom and Photoshop. With Creative Cloud, you can open and edit Photoshop Fix files and send edited images via Photoshop CC for further processing such as layers, masks …

In addition, users can open and upgrade photos and send directly to Lightroom Collections individually. All your photo editing operations are synchronized between the computer and the device.

Internet connection and Adobe ID required.

Register your free Adobe ID in Photoshop Fix photo editing application. Adobe online services, including Adobe Creative Cloud, are only available to users who are 13 years of age or older and require registration, agreeing to the Additional Terms and Adobe’s Online Privacy Policy at http: / / . Adobe online services are not available in languages, may require use, and may be changed or discontinued without notice.

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