Download AceSpy for Windows

AceSpy is an application that allows to monitor and record activity on your computer. The program will automatically record this information and send it to your mailbox.

With this application, you can easily control activities on the remote system without being detected. Great application that will help administrators monitor employees or parents to control their children’s Internet activities.


Main feature:

Save the Email and forward to the installed email address

AceSpy will automatically record email messages received and sent on your computer. These messages will then be forwarded to your email address.

Record Chat / Message and forward to the installed mail address

AceSpy features recording conversations and messages including information exchanged between the two parties. This information will immediately be forwarded to your email.

Automatically take screenshots

The entire computer screen will be captured, showing the tasks being performed. These images will then be forwarded to you.

Save the visited websites

All websites accessed by browsers will be saved along with information about when these websites will be visited. The program supports multiple browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Netscape and Opera.

Record keystrokes

All operations on your keyboard including password types. You can also view information about which programs have been used such as games, email or other applications.

Record activity history on public websites

The program will record all activities on applications like Myspace including messages and activity history, mail …

Filter and block applications

The program is equipped with filtering and restricting the right to use applications. You will also have the right to prevent access to websites that you select, filter keyword websites, manage and restrict the use of computers over time, and even ban the use of certain programs.

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